Friday, March 1, 2019

03/01/2019 I am...

There's been an awful lot of stress since that last post; however, I feel I managed it well.

Our kids came home and we skedaddled over to the Elk Refuge in Jackson near the Grand Tetons - we got some incredible shots.  In all, I think we saw about 7000 head.  It was a fun time and we had an awesome family weekend.

One thing about family time is that I've gotten used to not having the kids around so I was a bit concerned that some of the good habits I've adopted would be challenged.  Didn't happen.  They all drank alcohol - I didn't.  They wanted crazy foods, I didn't partake, but got my own instead.  Interesting though at the end of the weekend, the scale was up a bit.  However, I think it was because we were eating out, and though I ate well, there were some processed foods.

Stress at work was EXPLOSIVE for me this week and even interrupted my vacation last week.  For the past several years, I've carried two job titles; however, I abruptly resigned from one this week because I'm just tired of the bias and bullshit.  It's not loss in pay; just less bullshit.  I made a pact with myself at the beginning of the year that I was going to actively deal with stress this year because I think that is part of my weight issue.  So - I'm actually glad to be done with it.

Also had my doctor's appointment on Thursday.  It was a great appointment.  I really like this doctor a bunch - I wish everyone could have a doctor like him because he partners with you.  In any event, I'm down 15 lbs EXACTLY since January 17.  He's was initially concerned that's too much, but once we started looking at it, it's averaging two pounds a week - we're both good with that.  I think much of the success goes to my actively working on sleep and the WEEKLY fasting.  My nightly sleep average has almost doubled over the last three months.

The doctor likes my fasting approach.  He's pretty adamant about no longer than 72 hours.  Fortunately, I agree with him.  In the back of this brain of mine, I'm starting to formulate some real opinions about what is going to be best for me about getting this weight off for good relative to nutrition.  OH!  This reminds me of one of our conversations.  I told him that my thought process had switched from thinking in terms of calories to thinking in terms of energy requirements.  He was so funny - it was like a light went off.  That led to the conversation about optimum nutrition.  We tend to agree on the profile - lower protein, higher fats (but quality fats), high fiber carbs, and no added sugar.  While we didn't discuss it, for me I will add, no added sugar and minimal grain.

The best thing about the doctor's visit was the bloodwork - it's all good.  Last year, I was feeling desperate and a friend of mine referred me to a functional medicine doctor who was basically a quack - UV blood irradiation, vaginal ozone, and all that shit.  In any event, he did a crap ton of blood work, sent it to a lab in California, don't know why they couldn't send it to a lab closer to home, and the results came back with all sorts of horrible results.  Basically, my testosterone was through the roof, I had Stage 2 kidney disease, and signs of a myriad of autoimmune diseases.  When I brought those results to my *real* doctor, he didn't believe the results.  The first thing he said yesterday when he handed me the results was, "Notice anything?"  Well yeah.  The testosterone dropped from 402 to 25.  All of my kidney function is fine (I only have one kidney due to previous kidney cancer.) . We measured my A1C for the first time ever - no evidence of diabetes.  We think that the results got mixed up with another patient or else it wasn't a reputable lab.

I have another doctor's appointment on 4/11.  He and I have agreed on 6-week checkups while I'm doing these fasts to ensure things continue to go well.  I also want to maintain some accountability.

One thing to mention that might be useful for the passersby.  I've found a wonderful app called Happy Scale.  You can log your weight or it will pull your weight in from other the Health app if you have an iPhone.  It will breakup your total weight loss goal into 10 smaller goals, give you an estimated timeframe based on how quickly YOU say you want to lose, tell you how quickly you're going to get there based on how quickly you're actually losing, gives you weekly, monthly, and yearly weight loss charts, running averages, etc.  For me, it's the best visual I've ever come across.  I used to maintain something similar myself.  It sounds a little silly perhaps, but it's a bit motivating to me.  And no, they have no idea who I am - it's just a useful app for me.

Hubster has been on travel all week and gets home today - I'll be happy to see him.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

02/21/2019 I am...

Just a short note.  Came off a fast today - it went well.  Our kids have come home for a very delayed Christmas.  We plan to go over to the Elk Refuge outside of Jackson Hole.  It should be fun.  I know I need a few days off from work.

I had some bloodwork done today.  I have a doctor's appointment next week and I'm eager to see what the progress that's been made.

It's a cold and snowy time here, but it sure is beautiful.  My head is full of a ton of thoughts today - fortunately none of them are centered around weight or food.  I was glad when I realized that.

That's about it.

Friday, February 15, 2019

02/15/2019 I am...

Things are good.  I think about all the things I'd like to write about, but I rarely have the time to actually stop and write.  Life has been busy.

However, the scale has been steadily going down - in the 280s - so I'm happy with that.  I had an awesome discussion with my doctor in early January.  We both agree that intermittent fasting, good food, and good sleep is the way to go.  We also agreed to appointments every 6 weeks.  So far, so good.

I've changed my focus in a variety of ways.  Don't get me wrong - it's still a work in progress, but I feel I'm making REAL progress.

First - I'm working really, REALLY hard to make sure I'm in bed LIGHTS OUT by 9 pm so I can try to get 7 hours of sleep since my alarm goes off at 4:15.  I've even started wearing an eye mask to ensure I'm not disturbed by hubster reading or turning on lights.  To help fall asleep, I read up on melatonin and discovered that the majority of folks take WAY too much of it.  Recommended dosage for folks over 50 is only 0.33 milligrams!!!  So I cut a 1 mg pill into thirds as best I can.  Finally, I stop drinking caffeine around 2 pm.  These three things are helping me to fall sleep and stay asleep.  And I think the sleep is helping me to lose some weight.  Seriously.

Second - Intermittent Fasting or Time-Restricted Eating.  I'm doing a modified version of this.  One time a week, I will fast for 42 hours - from the end of an evening meal through the next day through to lunch the following day.  On all other days, I eat between noon-12:30 (or so) and 7 pm.  Now the biggest kink in this is that I am drinking my coffee with half and half and stevia each morning.  Some diehard fasters would say, "well then, you're not fasting..."  Whatever.  The half and half raises neither glucose nor insulin; and I don't believe the stevia has that much of an effect either and my doctor agrees.  This is what is working for me as I make my way through this process.

Third - I'm trying to eat good healthy food without losing my shit over what I'm eating.  I'm not counting calories at all, but am keeping it to things that aren't processed as much as possible.  I'm not freaking when I eat potatoes, but I'm minimizing them and enjoying them.

Fourth - Hubster and I are working hard to de-stress.  Hubster had a heart scare that scared the bejeesus out of both of us.  I've loved that man for close to 40 years and we are not ready to lose each other.  We both have extremely demanding jobs that require long hours and lots of attention.  We are learning what the word "delegate" means.

The biggest thing I'm noticing is that there are no huge scale fluctuations - up/down/up/down - with a downward trend.  And as I said earlier, I can't help but think that the better sleep is helping with the weight loss.