Wednesday, January 8, 2014

All by myself I am...All by myself and looking at the first increase on the scale.

That surely didn't take long.  The scale was up this morning albeit a hair - 0.2 lbs is really nothing to worry about at all.  But I have to say - and this is incredibly stupid - it affected my day.  And it shouldn't have.

I also took my son to the airport today so he can head back to school.  He's not coming home for spring break, so we probably won't see him until the summer.  He's a good kid and I'll miss him.  On top of that, our daughter just moved out of state for a job (she's a new college graduate).  It's all left me a little verklempt.

It seems to me that the number on the scale can hardly be considered a weight gain; hell, it's in the noise when you consider my overall weight and I probably fluctuate that much over the course of 2 hours.  BUT, it was the first weight of the day, so that's what I'm going with.  It could also be attributed to the dry rub that was on the ribs last night.  Since it was my son's last night home, he wanted ribs, so that's what we had.

Does this mean that my efforts are failing?  Of course not.  However, even though I know that intellectually, I have to be mindful that I don't let it subconsciously derail me.  I mean - I had 5 ribs last night with a salad on the side and no cornbread - not bad at all for eating out at a bbq restaurant by my estimation, quite reasonable even.  Also, am I going to go the rest of my life not eating ribs b/c of a bit of seasoning (which I do enjoy).  No, but I will be extra careful for the rest of the week.

Which leads to today...

For breakfast this morning, I had a protein shake.  My protein shake has a scoop of vanilla protein powder (I think it's Cytosport - really low carb), a cup of the unsweetened vanilla almond milk (which I just recently discovered!), strawberries (87 grams), a cup of ice, and a bit of water.  I mix that baby up in the blender and it's wonderful!  I really like it a lot!

Around noon, I had a roasted chicken thigh and then I went home to pick up my son to take him to the airport.  On the way home, I realized I was still hungry - tummy grumblings and everything.  Son said he wanted to go to Burger King.  Okay...I didn't know what I was gonna eat there...but that's where we went.

So we get there and I ordered the chicken strips thinking that I could remove the breading.  Well, I couldn't.  My son was quite sweet and offered to exchange his grilled chicken for the chicken strips.  So that's what we did!  And I was satisfied.  I really just couldn't bring myself to eat the strips with all that "white" stuff on it.

At the airport, the person at the airline asked if I would like to go to the gate with my son.  Of course, I accepted.  Turns out the plane was delayed, so we got to spend another 2 hours together.  It was quite nice, we chatted and just had a good time.  By the time his plane left though, I was starving again.  Seriously - my tummy was really grumbling.  So I stopped by Auntie Anne's and got a pretzel dog.  I ate the dog and had just a bit of the pretzel stuff itself.

Drove back towards home and got my nails done - they're so pretty!  The nail girl is so good and so blasted funny.  It doesn't matter what *I* want, it's what she thinks will look good - and she's always right!

So - I finally get home at 8:30 and have more of that roasted chicken and a few walnuts - I'm finally full I think...Or else too tired to eat anything more.

I've reviewed the last few days and I see that we've eaten out a lot - not balanced by any measure.  I don't think this is a sign of anything long term.  I think it's a sign of the horrible weather and being housebound for 5 days and then not going to the grocery store.  Hubby comes home on Friday night and he and I will be making a trek to Costco on Saturday morning.  I am ready to eat at home!


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  1. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog today. I stopped by to read yours a bit and wanted to encourage you to stick with it! It might seem like slow going at first but it is SO worth it as the weight comes off over time. You can do this!


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