Thursday, January 9, 2014

At the End of a Long Day I am...At the end of a long day.

Boy - this day was long and I am tired!

The day started off good - down 0.4 from the day before (which had been up).  After seeing how my eating had been this week, I started off the day with the idea of having a more balanced day foodwise.

I had a  protein smoothie for breakfast this morning - same as yesterday.  I'm really liking the consistency of it - I think I've finally found the right balance to make it thick and icy without it getting stuck in the straw and sucking out all the water instead.

I went to lunch with a friend of mine.  There's a place called Moby's that my friend is just crazy about - it's our go-to place when we go to lunch.  Now this friend of mine is my height, but is at a good, health weight - she looks great.  Anyway, my friend always eats the same thing - a chicken kabob with salad - no rice.  The kabob usually has 6 pieces of chicken and weighs about 8 oz in all.  Of course, said friend only eats half of the dish and takes the rest home.  Today, I decided to eat exactly what and how she ate (I usually get two chicken kabobs and an order of dolmeh for myself).  To my surprise, I found that I was satisfied - I was no longer hungry and I wasn't stuff.  I was quite pleased with myself!

One other thing that I want to remember is that I've been eating a few walnuts at night before I go to bed - maybe half an ounce.

Later in the afternoon, I had some almonds.  Finally, at dinner, I had the leftovers from lunch and some of the leftover chicken/ribs from the bbq restaurant from Tuesday.

Hubby gets home tomorrow and I'm excited to see him - he went with our daughter to help her get settled in to her new apartment/job/city.  I was thinking today that perhaps he'll be able to tell that I've lost some weight - but he won't and it's silly of me to even think that he might.  I've got a lot of weight to lose before it's noticeable.  At this point, I'll take my jeans being baggier than usual at the end of the day.

I have a new item to help me - it's a pedometer that I can download to my computer and keep track of my steps.  As of right now, it says I have 4155 steps for the day.  I put it on before I went to work this morning, so it doesn't include that I did before I went to work.  Seems 10000 steps a day is the new buzz - I'm a long way from that, but I'll get back there.  I need to more accurately measure my stride length, but I can't find the tape measure.  Hubby will know where it is.

All in all - it was a good day.  I felt in control and motivated.


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