Sunday, January 12, 2014

Keeping my word to myself I am...

Keeping my word to myself.

I made a commitment to myself to try and write down my thoughts on most days.  I didn't make it yesterday because we got home so late.

It's been a busy weekend - even though hubby and I slept quite late both days.

The gain on the scale yesterday morning was quite frustrating - and it really caused me to doubt myself and my efforts.  I need to remember that it's gonna happen for a variety of reasons and it shouldn't discourage me to giving up so easily!

One thing I've noticed since I started writing things down is how much we eat out - I truly do think it's been the family situation and the busyness of the season.

Last evening we took an elderly friend of ours to dinner.  I liked the restaurant a bunch.  They have several items that I really like.

One thing about me - I'm an appetizer girl...I just love them.  Anyway, my first thought when we sat down was, "Oh - we can get this crab dip appetizer - there's no sugar in it".  Then I thought, "Yeah, but I need chips and bread to eat the crab dip."  And THEN, I started justifying it to myself on why I *could* have that stupid appetizer - 'oh, you can have a treat', 'you can't deprive yourself all the time', etc.

I do this to myself ALL the time.  All of the statements I made to myself were true, but the fact of the matter is, I had a *treat* the night before of two beers.  I've really got to learn to not treat myself all the time.

And no, I didn't order the appetizer.  I had a rotisserie chicken with spinach and green beans.  A house salad was supposed to come with it, but they were so late with it that I just brought it home.

In any event, I've really got to work on a bunch of stuff.  As a result of last night, thoughts of moderation versus deprivation popped in to my head today.  I know I can have treats every once in a while, but ALL of them have to count.  I think this will be a very difficult thing to keep under control.  It's almost like a drug addict - I'm not sure that I will be able to have some of these "treats" for a while because they really do lead me down the wrong path a lot of the time.  As a result of that, it seems that I'll be deprived of these foods.

But really - am I deprived?  No, in the end it is my choice.  I just have to stand firm in my resolve as often as possible.

So today, hubby and I finally went to Costco.  Usually we get lunch there because it's so cheap.  Today I made sure I had something to eat before we left and I drank a bunch of tea on the way.  It's not that I feel like I MUST eat when I go to Costco, just a little habit I needed to change.

One thing I did at Costco was go through all their grains.  Seems all the rices, quinoas, and other similar grains have about 30-35 grams of carbs, 2-4 grams of fat, about 1 g of fiber, and 4-7 grams of protein.  It just doesn't seem worthwhile to me to have that many useless carbs.  Anyway.

For dinner, we had the salad we brought home last night and hubby made some of the boneless tenderloin chops we bought from Costco.  Of course,  I had my usual walnuts later.

I've got the romaine all ready to make lunches for tomorrow.  Some grilled chicken and artichokes and we'll be set.

I hope the scale is down tomorrow.


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  1. Just found your blog. I gained the first few weeks after starting myself, it is a bummer but I'm glad you aren't letting that stop you, I didn't either. You did great skipping the appetizer and eating before you went to Costco. Keep up the great work.


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