Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Not Much Going On I am...

There's not much going on.

We were home with the weather again today - not that I'm complaining, but man - it's cold outside.

The scale was down a hair this morning.  That's reasonable - it was down a lot yesterday.

Didn't do much of anything really - did so work in the basement getting it organized since our daughter took a bunch of stuff when she moved.  Making plans for the Salvation Army to come pick up some stuff.  For my entire life, I've held on to stuff for far too long.  I always think that I'll use it or it will come in handy when I do this or that.  But I never use it and I never do this or that, so I'm getting rid of it!  I mean seriously, I've got more than 20 large bins on Christmas stuff.  I'm keeping the stuff I do use, putting the stuff I used in the recent past (like 2012-now) and giving the rest away.

Hubby made omelets for breakfast this morning - they were good, but I did kinda miss my smoothie! I had a bit of cappicola and mozzarella later in the day.  At dinner, we decided to get out of the house for a bit, so we went to a rib place down the road.  It was good.  I always get dry rub ribs and mac n'cheese.  I got the ribs tonight, but instead of the mac n'cheese I got the red beans without the rice.  Not too bad - I'm happy with it.

I also started taking a multivitamin today in addition to my thryoid and bp meds.  I don't need my body to be any more deficient than it already is.

I also paid particular attention to my liquid intake today.  I had two big cups of coffee (with heavy cream/stevia), a half gallon of unsweetened black currant tea, and about 24 oz water.  I think that's enough liquid.  I think I'm hydrated.

I can't believe I'm looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow - I'm a lover of time off!


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