Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Morning I am...

Still in bed on a Sunday morning.

I had a headache (a weird migrainey thing) over the last two days, but still had to get out and get things done.  I was so happy to hit the hay last night.

Hubby and I went out to dinner on Friday night and while I "expanded" the range of what I've been eating, I didn't go all hog wild or anything - I still avoided the white stuff.  The scale was up 0.2 lb yesterday, so I was okay with that.

The scale was up almost two pounds even though I didn't eat anything least I thought.  Sugar is a funny thing.  Let me explain.

I had my normal strawberry smoothie yesterday and then the Caesar salad at Costco for lunch.  Since we're making an effort to eat at home, we decided we'd have a seafood feast for dinner.  So we had scallops and crab cakes.  We did have a lot of seafood - about 1.5 lbs of scallops and 1 lb of jumbo lump.  Turns out that amount of sea scallops (0.75 lbs for me) also turns out to be quite a bit of sugar - 6-9 grams depending on what calculator you use (fatsecret for me).  Of course, I could have mitigated ALL of this by eating a single SERVING instead of 3.

The crab cakes were outstanding.  A friend of mine made some for me one time and they were incredible.  She gave me the recipt - one day I hope mine are as good as hers, but these were pretty damn good.  In my friend's recipe, she uses about 8 crackers moistened in milk.  Well - any cracker translates to "white stuff" for me, so I had to find an alternative.  I ended up using whole ground flaxseed meal 1:1 dry volume - it worked like a charm and perhaps made them a little bit better even.  The flaxseed meal has 4 g CHO for 2 Tbl, but it's all fiber!

We also had tomatoes, purple onions, and mozzarella with balsamic vinegar.  About 1900 cal for the day.

The stats for the day were:

Fat:  97.74 g
Fiber:  12.0 g
Sugar:  26.63 g
Net Carb: 41.63 g
Protein:  179.05 g
Calores:  1879

So - those are the numbers for the day.  The fiber was too low, the sugar was too high, as were the net carbs.

And...the scale was up this morning.  I'm on the fence about my eating for yesterday - I feel that it was okay and not way out there at all.  Another thing could be TOM, but at my age I do get false alarms.

Hubby likes the muffin recipe on the back of flaxmeal package and likes to make them regularly.  We talked about it yesterday and I told him that I would eat them if he adapted the recipe.  He was willing to do that, but when we looked at the recipe and I made suggestions, he said, "You're making this way too hard."  It really hurt my feelings.  I told him so and said that I was just trying to be good to myself and avoid the things I thought were bad, and trying to find ways to adapt things to fit for me.  He immediately apologized, but it rankled me a little bit.

So this morning, dear hubby brings me a muffin and cup of coffee while I'm still in bed.  He used 3/4 cup flour anyway and used canned applesauce instead of pureeing the apples we bought for said muffins.  He said there were 18 muffins, so I it cuts that 3/4 cup to 0.04 cup per muffin; HOWEVER, that's still 4 grams of white carbs.  This goes against what I'm trying to do.

From now on, I'll either make the muffins or else I won't eat them.

I hope to have time to write more this evening.


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