Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Second Day of Forever I am again....the second day of forever...and it's been okay.

I've been in a good, motivated mood all day even though we have horrendous weather outside.  I've not left the house since Thursday.  I've done a lot of reading - some of it great stuff, some of it total bs as far as diet and nutrition goes.  I have to say that I'm not necessarily a big believer in the mainstream nutritional guidelines.  As a country, we've gotten fatter and less healthy though some say that trend is reversing; but I don't think it has anything to do with the mainstream guidelines.

But who am I to criticize?  I surely don't live in a glass house!

I made a mental list today of my personal nutritional guidelines.  I've made mental lists in the past, but I keep hearing that you increase your chance of success if you write it down - I'm assuming that typing it down counts as well.  Self - remember them!

  • I am not going to count calories.
  • I am not going to eat 'white' food - no bread, added sugar, or even potatoes.
  • All proteins are a 'go'.
  • I'll limit legumes, but all other veggies are a 'go'.
  • Yeah - I'm not gonna be eating a lot of fruit either - perhaps a serving of frozen strawberries in my protein shake in the morning.
  • I'm going to eat until I'm full and stop - I'm going to TRY to stop.
  • I drink a ton of water and unsweetened tea, but I'll make sure to continue.
  • I'll eat when I'm hungry - is that 3 meals a day with 2 snacks or is it grazing throughout the day?  I dunno - probably a combination of the two depending on the day.
  • I'm on the fence about dairy - I'm not a big milk drinker, but I do like a bit of half and half in my coffee in the mornings.  I do like cheese, but for the time being, I think I'm going to avoid it for now.  I'll try it later and see if I have any issues.
So - those are the food nutrition guidelines.  What about my emotional nutrition guidelines?
  • I'm going to attempt to remain accountable to myself each day by at least making some notation on how I'm feeling.
  • I'm not going to beat myself up when I screw up.
  • I'm going to read positive stories of other successes - not necessarily weight-related.
  • I know there's a lot of back and forth on it, but I'm going to weigh every day at various times.  I'm smart enough to know that my weight fluctuates during the day.  I just want to see the conditions of those fluctuations - perhaps it's the scientist in me.
On the weighing every day:  I realized that when I've fallen off the wagon in the past, I didn't weigh because I knew it was going to go up.  I beat myself up before I even got on the scale and gave up.  I'm gonna wear my big girl panties now and weigh if/when I fall off the wagon.

The scale was down several pounds this morning, but I know that's just water weight.  No matter - I'll take it!  Another big positive is my ankles - they're ANKLES!  Before, my ankles had ankles who then had cankles.  I swear, my ankles were as round as my shins - okay - not that round, but it felt that way. 

Tomorrow is my first day back to work after the holidays.  I plan to take a bunch of almonds for snacking when needed.  Lunch is either going to be tuna salad or chicken strips.  There are no fresh veggies cuz we've been stuck in the house.  Today I had 6 oz of lean ground beef with mushrooms/onions for brunch and I had about 7 oz ribeye for dinner with a few green beans.  I'm so ready for a trip to Costco.

I'd like to get my nails done.  The lady that does my gel manicure is the best!  I feel like I have beautiful hands afterward.  I think I'm going to get manicures on a regular basis so that I'll have something to make me feel good.  Ok - that sounded pathetic.  I don't mean it like that, but I'm not pretty or attractive or anything - I'm a moose.  Yeah, yeah, yeah - I'm a good person, beautiful on the inside, but right now, that's all blah, blah, blah.  I want to feel/look pretty on the outside.


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