Friday, January 10, 2014

Whew - Ending and Beginning I am..I feel like I'm at an ending and a beginning.

It's late, I'm tired.

The scale was up - quite disappointing.

Celebrated a co-worker's birthday.  I had combo fajitas with no bread - yeah me  But there was msg or something.  I could feel it in my hands and feet almost as soon as I ate it.

Hubby arrived home safely.  Dinner was a Cobb salad with no croutons and spinach stuff mushrooms at BJs.  The downfall was 2 PM Porters.  I'll pay tomorrow I'm sure!

With hubby home, I feel like a bridge in my life has been crossed.  He has been helping our daughter move and I've been spending time with our son over his holiday break.  DS won't be home over spring break b/c he's working with Habitat for Humanity.  I'm so incredibly proud of both of them.  Responsible, caring adults!  As they make their way, they'll depend on me less.  It's what we've been working toward since the day they were born, but oh how I will miss it - they don't need my guiding hand.  My children are paving their way; my road has already been paved.   Such an odd feeling.

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