Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feeling groovy

Well...here I am...

...Feeling groovy.

Crap - did I use those ellipses properly?  Probably not.  whatever... (I used to use 4 dots when I'd email a friend of mine - all because it drove him batshit crazy that I used 4 dots instead of 3.  OCD much?  ROFL)

Today's been a good day.

I got a great night's sleep last night and had the best pillow in the house.  My neck was positioned perfectly all night, so no neck pain this morning and I woke up feeling just warm and cozy.  Plus, we had a delayed arrival at work, so that was just like cream in your coffee (forget icing on the cake - too much sugar!!!)

Then, I hope on the scale this morning and it's down to a new low - Well, yippy-kai-yay!  When I go downstairs, hubby has made our lunches - yummy, yummy salads!!  Chicken, romaine, artichokes, red bell peppers, feta cheese, onions, cucumber, olives, and caesar dressing -  It was outstanding!  Hell and while the traffic looked bad, we got to work in good time and even found a short cut that allowed us to cut through a ton of traffic trying to enter the campus.  WIN!!!  I mean, we were on a roll!

I get to work and all's quiet, so I'm able to get some work done that's been waiting to be done.  I talk with co-worker who's had some family troubles lately and things are looking up!  I mean - how good can this day be????

At lunch, I took a look at Facebook, which I never do at work, and found that a friend of mine had written an excellent blog about her experiences with cancer.  It was simply outstanding and written with such a good voice.  She needs to find a bigger outlet for it - it's THAT good!

Then, I get an update from Authority Nutrition - I just love that website.  Their information works for me.  Anyway, the link that I get is from June of last year talking about the mistakes that low-carb folks make that causes them to be unsuccessful on the diet.  While reading the article, what do I see???  A reference to my new favorite book, The Art and Science of Low-Carbohydrate Living!!  This book really spoke to me and I feel it gave me a firm, peer-reviewed foundation for my new way of living  So of course, I loved the article.  Plus, it also reminded me of the mistakes I do make.

TASLCL is pro-low-carb.  But, as they point out, just because they are low-carb DOES NOT mean they are automatically high protein.  In fact, they are not.  They support high-fat (good fats), moderate protein (20-30%), and low-carb.  And for me, I've made that mistake in my mind, even now.  Upping the fat is a difficult thing to do particularly since it's been drilled in us for the last 25-35 years to eat low-fat because it's the healthiest.  For me, low-fat is not the way to go.  Anyway - I was really jazzed to see all this.

THEN, I find an article/video about magnesium that I'm excited to see, read, and learn about.  How effing nerdy am I????

I talked with a friend on the phone for a few minutes.  She's figuring it all out too.  She'd sent me an email telling me that she had misplaced 5 pounds.  I was so excited for her!  I hope she has great success!!  While she and I have a similar goal to lose a large amount of weight and learn/adopt a new lifestyle, I think our path will be a little different since our triggers/reasons/emotions are different.  But perhaps our differences will expand our strength and increase our ability/knowledge.  I'm counting on it.

Mid-afternoon, I have to go to the admin building and decide to walk it since I'd gotten exactly ZERO activity of any kind done - I don't think exercising your fingers typing counts - the entire day.  I walk outside and it is BEAUTIFUL!  After all the crapola weather we've had, it was great to breathe the fresh air and feel invigorated instead of frozen!

Now, it's Tuesday and we all know that Tuesday has traditionally been rib night in our household.  But hubby and I talked about it and were in agreement to not go out on Tuesdays.  Hell, in fact, hubby told me the only reason HE ever said he wanted to go was because he thought *I* wanted to go.  He also said that he'd been sick of eating ribs on Tuesdays for a long time!  Well shit!!  I wish he'd said something!  But, I might not have listened.   Anyway, the success is that we didn't go TONIGHT and it was totally okay.  Didn't feel deprived or bad or have any type of negative feeling.  SUCCESS!! We ended up having salmon and asparagus.  It was good! 

After cleaning the dishes, I got on my laptop and have been busily reading and chatting!  I'm trying to convince my blog friend to submit her cancer article to a larger audience.  I read Crabby McSlacker's funny blog over at Cranky Fitness.  Crabby interviewed Josie of YumYucky fame.  Josie's answers were hilarious!

Not only have I written this entry - I also updated the About Me page.  Yeah Me!

All in all, it's been a fine day.



  1. Woot! As I read your post, I was expecting some type of bomb to go off in your day (not that I wanted that for you), but hot-dang! You are winning, girlfriend. Hope the rest of week brings you mass quantities of grooviness... the overflowing kind where you need a mop to sop up all the groovy... (please note my artistic use of the ellipses)

    1. YumY - I'll try to do better next time! Big BOOMS everywhere! ;-)


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Don't you LOVE days like that? You have to remember them for when the crap days come. :) We eat very similarly...I am loving high, healthy fats. (especially cream and butter)

    1. DivaD - I love good days and you're right, it's good when the crap days come along.

      Loved your clothes deals on your blog!


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