Monday, February 17, 2014

Feeling so-so I am...

Feeling so-so.

Without a doubt, the antibiotics and that inhaler thingy are working wonders, but I still feel a bit tired and energy-less.

Today was a holiday for us, so hubby and I decided that we really couldn't make it two weeks without going to Costco, so to Costco we went.  Green beans, romaine lettuce, avocados, and other good things.  One fresh vegetable we bought was artichoke.  We have them all the time in the jar for salads, but I've never prepared them fresh so I thought we'd try them.  It's on the agenda for Friday night.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, we ate out at lunch today because it was a shop that had been previously scheduled.  I've not done any of the fast food shops since I started all this; but at this particular restaurant, I can order unbreaded chicken wings, so that's usually what I order along with a side salad.  I *did* have a diet coke.  I usually drink tea, but sometimes I do like to have a diet coke.  The next time we are scheduled to go out to eat is Saturday night with some friends of ours.  They have a sick child and it's rare they're able to have a night out, so we're looking forward to it.

Another thing I want to note about the scale today is that I weighed several HOURS later than I usually do because I slept late, so there was about a 3 hour difference from the usual weighing time.

I've been taking biotin lately to see if it will help with my hair, skin, and nails.  This particular brand also has the right mix of vitamins and minerals I've been looking for - particularly, the Vitamin D - the D3, not the D2.  I also bought some magnesium supplements today that I'm going to start taking every other day.  Seems magnesium is quite a useful little element for the body and we're often deficient.

On that note, I plan to make a doctor's appointment and have some extensive bloodwork done.  I want to have my BP meds checked, I want fasting glucose, A1C, creatinine, VitD, along with a few other standard items.  The next thing I have to do is MAKE the appointment!

Every day I try to read favorite blogs, new blogs, and other health-related information.  A few days ago, I came across something called Trim Healthy Mama.  I'd never heard of it, so I started looking it up.  It seems to be quite the new craze and the creators of THM says it's not a fad diet, but rather a way of living for life  Well, this was a bit intriguing, so I dived in a little further.  Basically, it's an eating plan where you separate the macronutrients (fat, proteins, and carbs) from each other when eating.  A fat-laden meal is an S meal, a carb-laden meal is an E meal, and an FP (Fuel Pull) meal is some combination of the two.  They keep sugar to a bare minimum, so this is a plus to me.

However, it's already starting to sound a little unnatural to me.  Even so, I'm still intrigued because I'm reading all sorts of testimonials about amazingly fast weight loss on their Facebook forum and on some of the THM-related blogs.  On further reading, I find that there seems to be quite a bit of processed foods that are needed for the plan to be workable, even though they say this is a natural plan with natural foods.  This is a sticking point and not so intriguing to me.

I dive a bit deeper and I begin to find folks that are not so happy with this plan, even some who were successful.  The reason most often given is that the plan is untenable in the long term and that it makes you food crazy to the point where you're thinking about food nonstop.  This seems UNBEARABLE to me.  I also noted one particular post of a woman who had posted on the FB forum about her lack on weight loss even though she had strictly adhered to the plan.  She reported that one of the moderators told her that she was being too negative and shouldn't put such things on the forum.  This sounds terrible to me.

So, what have I learned?  Well, I learned a little bit about this THM and I *do* tend to think of it as a fad-ish sort of thing - I think I'll stick with the road I'm on, no bandwagon for me.  One blogger who  had success but quit THM said it best:  " For those of you who love THM and all it stands for, WONDERFUL – enjoy it. For those of you who don’t, WONDERFUL – enjoy whatever method you prefer. For those who disagree...with our opinion and want to troll us - GO AWAY!"  It works for me.


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  1. Hmm, I keep reading it's important to have protein frequently throughought the day to optimize muscle growth because we don't store it and that it doesn't help to have a huge bunch at once. Somehow the plan doesn't make sense to me, but (a) I haven't researched it AT ALL and also (b) everyone responds differently to every diet so it may really work for some! So I agree, we all gotta find what works for US and the heck with other people's opinions!


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