Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Getting Sick

Well...here I am...

Getting sick.

I haven't felt good this week and think I'm coming down with a cold or the flu.  I never get sick - I get headaches - but I never get sick.

It's only Tuesday and I feel that I've already put in a full week at work.  I seem to hit the ground running when I get to work and don't stop until after I get home.  I ate lunch at my desk today and was interrupted three different times.  I was trying to answer emails while I ate lunch.  I shouldn't complain, I much prefer it to NOT being busy - I've had plenty of that before!

My feelings and nutrition have been pretty good so far this week - nothing strange or out of the ordinary, but I think I want to find a snack.  I've been having some nuts - either almonds or walnuts - when I need something in the afternoon.  But it's pretty boring - I want to find something good, but I can't decide what that is.  I'll figure something out.

Tonight was rib night - so we'll see what tomorrow brings.  I do enjoy it with my husband.  It's a little strange eating a salad with ribs, but that's what I do.

Not much to say tonight - I just want to close my eyes and sleep.


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  1. Oh shoot, hope that virus doesn't win and your immune system kicks in and sends that virus packing. There is some EVIL stuff going around.

    I find that combining some raisins or other dried fruit with the nuts, turning it in to trail mix, makes for an extremely yummy and helplessly addictive snack, but not sure that's a good thing...


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