Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kinda bored I am...

...kinda bored.

Hubby left for a short trip and will return on Friday.  I don't mind him going out of town at all since it gives me some alone time, but I always miss him.

I'm clearly in the midst of PMS/MSing - I hate it, but after 100 years (or so it seems), I'm used to it.  I'm retaining water and my tummy aches.  I'm thankful I'm not fixated on food.  Actually, I don't feel too jazzed about food at all at the moment.

The scale was down a hair - and I mean a hair - this morning.  It's gonna be up and down for the next week, so I'm prepared for that. 

Anyway, we were running late this morning, so hubster and I decided we're run to the cafeteria for lunch.  The cafeteria cooks a huge turkey everyday and lets you carve it however you want.  It's a bit weird, but it works.  Turkey, roasted veggies (squash and zucchini), salad, and two deviled eggs.  It was a good lunch.  And while the cafeteria is buffet-style, I didn't have any problem with not selecting other items.  As a matter of fact, I was a little astonished at the number of choices that had some sort of sweet sauce.  Ewwwww...

Another interesting thing that actually made me a little self-conscious was when we checked out.  The cafeteria charges by the pound and my plate was mounded high with the salad and the veggies.  Hubster's plate, by comparison, wasn't mounded at all.  However, he did have a totally different type of lunch.  Anyway, his lunch weighed 1.21 lbs and my lunch was 1.82 lbs.  That was more than 8 oz more food than he had.  But I would bet money that my lunch had no sugar and more nutrition.

The afternoon was quite busy and I worked late.  I got home close to 7. Dinner was leftover chicken, green beans, mushrooms, and asparagus.  Nothing exciting, but it was tasty and I was satisfied.  The best part was watching an episode of House of Cards while I ate.  I love that show.  Usually hubby and I eat together at the table with the television off, so it was a treat.

So - what nutrition/diet/emotional things did I read/think about today?  Well, I thought again of my friend on the Ideal Protein plan.  While I'm sure I won't join the program, I'd be lying and less than human if I said I wasn't drawn to the promise of fast weight loss.  Didn't I just write about this VERY thing last night????

The other thing I just topically read about today was "intermittent fasting".  My son is a proponent of it, but I really don't know much about it except that you keep your eating to within an 8-10 hour time frame.  I don't know the frequency of this fasting, but I do plan to read more about it.

Another thought I had today is how the dietary guidelines seem to be in such a flux.  To me, I think this is a great thing because they've totally missed the mark for so long, it's not funny.  I heard on the news the other day that the government (can't remember if it was federal or state) wasn't going to allow drink machines to have advertisements of REGULAR soda on them; however, they could have DIET soda advertised on the machine.  Now, given what we're learning about the effects of diet soda, how does this make a damn bit of sense???

Okay - I'll get off my soapbox.


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