Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The White Stuff I am...

...Thinking about the white stuff!!!

No, it's not snow and it ain't crack.  It's SUGAR!

It's been weeks and weeks and I haven't really had any thoughts or cravings regarding sugar, but when I checked my email today, I saw an email from a local pizza chain.  Their pizza is different from any pizza I've ever had and it's quite tasty.  And...I started fixating on how damn good that pizza tasted.


We get home late from work...about 7 pm...and what do we find?  One of the dogs had a poop fest in the basement!  We usually keep the dogs in the mud room, but we had folks coming in the house today, so we put the dogs in the basement.  Well, the oldest dog let us see and smell her displeasure at not being in her usual spot.  Damn dog!!

So, it's late and we're cleaning up dog shit - who wants to cook????  Hubby throws a bunch of buffalo chicken nuggets in the microwave and just starts eating them.  I had one and stopped.  One nugget can lead to a bag of nuggets for me.  So what the hell am I going to have???  There's leftover salmon from LAST week, leftover green beans, some grilled chicken, and leftover ribs from LAST week.  Anything other than that, I'm going to have to expend some effort and that is just not happening tonight.

Well, I don't want the salmon b/c it was overcooked and heating it up will just overcook it more.  The salmon definitely needs to be a cat treat.  I don't wanna eat the grilled chicken, else I won't have anything for my salad tomorrow and I MUST have grilled chicken in my salad.  So I ended up with the leftover ribs and the green beans.

There were a lot of beans and I ate every one of them and they were REALLY good.  They had been cooked in butter, so I guess they'd been marinating.  The leftover ribs were leftover ribs, good but nothing to write home to your mama about.

So now, it's 9:30 and I just don't feel satisfied food-wise even though I think I ate enough.  I think I'll be starving when I wake up tomorrow b/c my stomach doesn't feel neutral, it feels a little hungry...and I'm too damn lazy to go look for anything.  I don't even think there's anything to munch/crunch on since I took the nuts - no, not my husband - to work.  This has to be fixed. 

Then what happens?  Well, let me tell you.  Hubby comes up to kiss me and that dawg has been eating peanut butter.  My first thought is peanut butter and grape jelly on soft, white bread..AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY!!!

WTF?!?!?!  Where are these cray cray thoughts coming from?????  I mean, they are just popping in to my head!  Don't even let me get started on the lemon pasta I thought about earlier today.  Oh my Jesus!!  Let's just say it's a good thing I'm in a lazy mood right now.

Anyway - salad at lunch today.  I tried to replicate hubby's salads from yesterday - didn't happen.  I mean, it was really good, but that salad yesterday was YUM!

As I was changing into my nightgown this evening, I tried on the next smaller size of jeans in my closet.  And just let me report - they fit quite nicely and weren't tight or anything.  I just may wear them to work tomorrow!

The scale was up a little today, no biggie.  It's just a fluctuation.  My weight is like the stock market...wait...perhaps inversely like the stock market....While I want the market to go up and down, but mostly continue up, I would much prefer for my weight to go mostly DOWN!  Anyway, I've been doing what I'm supposed to do, so there!  It'll go down again.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow that worries me a little.  My nose looks a bit like Rudolf's except it's a deeper red.  A few years ago, I had some actinic keratosis on my nose.  AK is considered a pre-cursor to squamous cell carcinoma, a skin cancer.  Well, I think it's back and has progressed.  I'm just hoping it hasn't progressed to SCC else that is going to fuck up my day.  But it's easily treatable, so I should be just fine.  I just don't relish the thought of having cancer for the THIRD time.  As anyone can understand, it can really screw with your psyche.  In any event, there's a few other things I want the doc to look at as well.  I'll let me know how it goes tomorrow night.  Enough seriousness already!

I've come to enjoy the mechanics of writing my thoughts down.  And while some folks don't advocate it and others totally poo-poo the idea, I really like weighing each morning and updating my list and the weight graph.  As I was updating it this morning, I wondered what it was going to look like in a year.  All the numbers scrunched today wiping out detail.  I wondered if I would need to expand the graph across the page so I could see the progression.  I just had the thought of making the graph the blog picture instead of that snow scene, which is of our backyard by the way.

As for the daily weighing, it doesn't make me crazy and I don't generally look at an increase as a failure, but rather as a fluctuation and a reason to stay the course.  Now, that stupid five pound gain in three days was a totally different story....but that's a different story!  ;-)  So the daily weighing is more positive to me because I like knowing where I am.

Oh, and did I ever feel special today!  I got TWO comments on my blog.  I gotta admit, I was a little excited about it!  So thank you Josie and DivaDawne - you made my day!



  1. I am getting real tired of losing my comments before I can post them. I am such an idiot using technology!
    In a nut shell, good job on fitting into smaller jeans and passing up on dinner out.

  2. You made it Hilly!!! Keeping posting! It helps me!


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