Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where I am I am...

...Thinking about where I am.

It seems I've heard about a lot of different weight loss plans lately.  I'm sure they're all successful, but it seems that I've used them as THE solution rather than as an aid   As well, it doesn't seem they really help you learn to to adopt a change to your lifestyle for the long haul  Perhaps it's just me and I didn't learn how to make those adjustments.

I've heard more about THM and Weight Watchers lately.  Another plan I've heard quite a bit about is Ideal Protein.  Even my doctor suggested it as a good plan.  I checked into it, but it's not for me.  Even so, a friend of mine will be starting the Ideal Protein Program tomorrow - I wish her all the luck in the world.  She and I have tried together, separately, and every which way in the world to lose weight.  She's had great success in the past; I hope she does again.

I feel the path I'm on is teaching me how to live with food for the rest of my life, helping me put it in its proper place, showing me how to separate emotional eating from nutritional eating, deciphering the triggers that lead me down a dark path.

I look at my weight loss graph and I feel that I can go back, and even though it's been a short time, I can correlate gains and little plateaus with negative nutritional habits - like eating out every night for a week even though I was eating as properly as I could.

I was thinking today that I've not had any processed food since I started this plan - perhaps the protein powder could be considered processed - but my food has been real stuff and I've enjoyed it - really enjoyed it.

Speaking of food, we cooked the artichokes on Friday night.  Hubby didn't like them at all and said I could have the other ones for myself when we cooked them.  As for me, I really liked it, but I think we may have steamed them for too long since the leaves didn't appear too meaty.  Plus, I had no idea what that hairy-looking thing in the middle was.  I guess I'm going to have to look up artichoke anatomy.

Dinner last night was AMAZING!   It was a Mediterranean restaurant that we hadn't tried before.  There were four of us and we ate like royalty.  For appetizers, we had black and green olives and a variety of spreads with pita.  I took a single pita that was the size of my hand and that was what I used for the remainder of the evening.  We also had saganaki, which was also scrumptious.  OPAA!

For the main course, I wanted to separate myself from the meze portion of the meal, mostly because I had no idea or control over what the other three folks would order, so I ordered the red snapper with a lemon butter sauce.  It was quite simple, but tasted delicious.  To go with the snapper, I ordered the brussels sprouts that this place is known for.  Let me tell you, they were so good, I got a second order.  The description says they are made of brussels sprouts, walnuts, capers, currants, and honey.

At dessert, everyone was ordering so when it got to me, I ordered the baklava and told hubster that we could split it.  When it arrived, I took a bite and realized it was the worst dish of the evening - quite dry - so I pushed the plate over to hubster and told him it was his!  Yeah me.

The scale was up this morning - with the pita, honey, currants, and baklava - it was the most sugar I've had in a long while, so the temporary weight gain is to be expected.

The thing I didn't expect was the way I felt today.  I woke up absolutely starving and had a headache, which last for most of the day and my tummy felt funky until mid-afternoon.  Of course, it's anecdotal, but I'm attributing it to the sugar last night.  It was a weird thing this morning too - I was so blasted hungry, but I couldn't figure out what I wanted to eat.  I usually have either a smoothie or an omelette, but I just didn't fix anything.  I ended up eating some olives, running my finger through the guacamole that we'd made, and had two handfuls of nuts.  What is THAT all about??  Am I pregnant or something?!?!?!

I wonder if folks on a low-fat diet experience something similar when they have something fatty after abstaining so long.

We had my elderly friend today, so we went to a Persian restaurant this evening - Joojeh (chicken) and salad with oil/vinegar for me.

While it's the end of the day, I'm glad I'm feeling less verklempt than I was for most of the day - I didn't like that feeling AT ALL!

Tomorrow is the 24th and I made a pledge, had a hope, thought I might, be at or below 270 before the end of February.  At the rate my loss has been, I'm not sure that's going to happen.  Plus, that TOM is right around the corner.  In any event, I'm going to be particularly mindful for the next few days.  I don't know how I'll feel if I don't reach it.  That in itself is another blog, but not for today.

Oh - if you read my little ol' blog, I'd be ever so grateful if you'd leave a comment.


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  1. What matter is that you're making lifestyle changes - not that you reach a number by a certain date. I learned that the hard way my last time around losing large amounts of weight. You are committed to fixing the problem and the symptoms will reflect that. Congrats on lifestyle changes. And, I love to eat out too! Your meals sounded amazing! Now, back to NO SUGAR! ;) Cause I want you to get to that new number too!


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