Sunday, March 30, 2014

Exercise I am...

...thinking about exercise...again.

I've been thinking about the whole exercise ordeal.  And yes, right now, that's how I look at it - as an ordeal.  I'm fully aware that I need to have a major mind/attitude shift concerning exercise.

At the same time, I've been thinking ahead and trying to picture what I would like to do/accomplish in the future. In my mind's eye, I picture myself 10 years from now as an active, fit woman.  I also see a triathlon in there somewhere.  I started training for one right after I quit smoking, but other things got in the way.

It wasn't all that long ago that I was walking regularly, even walking half marathons with my office mate on the weekend.  I'd like to blame my quitting on his moving away, but no matter how much I'd like to blame him, the fault is all mine.

So how do I get from here to there?  That's the question.  I'm starting to formulate a plan that goes something like this:

Right now, I'm in no shape to be taking on an intense exercise program.  But, I gotta start.  After I get to about 240-250, I'm going to hire a personal trainer - I don't care about the cost.   I want the trainer to help me get STRONG - muscle strong.

After I get some strength built up, I'm going to try and start running.  Even writing that intimidates the shit outta me, but if I want to complete a triathlon, I gotta run.  I don't think I would be successful if I were to start running now because I'm too hefty and not strong enough - it would kill my knees and ankles.

So until then, I gotta start taking some steps.

One thing I've done is to wear my pedometer.  It's one of those OMRON ones and seems to be pretty accurate as far as steps go.  Each day last week, I logged more steps than the previous day.  My goal is to get up to the 10k mark.

For the last while, hubby has been dropping me off at the front door of our building rather than walking from the parking lot.  He was doing it when the weather turned bad and it's become a habit.  While he's gone, I want to re-establish the habit of walking from the parking lot .  When hubby returns, I don't plan to ask him to drop me off anymore.  This will mean about 300 extra steps a day.

I have offices in two different buildings.  I'm thinking about walking between the two buildings when it gets warmer.  It's about a mile, so about a 15-minute walk.  Is that wasting company time if I walk?  I'm not set on that yet, but I could probably do it a time or two a week.

One of my offices is on the third floor of a building and I usually take the elevator.  On Friday, I took the stairs, both down and UP!  When I walked back up to the third floor, let me tell you, my heart was pounding!  This is really pretty pathetic.

I am committing right here that I am going to take the stairs, both up and down, from now on.

A while back Crabby McSlacker at Cranky Fitness wrote a post about playground exercise.  Now just let me tell you, her level of fitness/exercise is a bit intimidating, but motivating all at the same time.  Anyway, in one of her blogs (2/27/14), she wrote,

"Just do SOMETHING and then run around and do SOMETHING else."

I've been thinking about that sentence ever since I read it.  So, that's what I'm gonna do:  Something.  Then later, I'll do something else.  Hopefully, one day, I'll be doing a lot! 



  1. 10 years from now you will no doubt be rockin' it. But how about 3 months from now? You can accomplish some awesome things in the next 12 weeks. :)

    1. YumY....In 3 months, I want to be hitting that 10k steps each day and be talking with a trainer!


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