Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's been a few days I am...'s been a few days since I posted.

Gotta stay accountable, so I'm posting on a Saturday morning.

Things are going okay.  The week was a bit busier than usual, so we ended up eating out FOUR times!  If you look at my weight over the last week, it's done the same thing it's done ever time we eat out too much - it doesn't move.

Even though I do make good choices when we're eating out - grilled salmon, veggies, salad, unbattered wings, nekkid ribs - all things with minimal sugar - it doesn't seem to matter.  I think that even though I try to make clean choices, most restaurant food must have preservatives, which make me retain water.

I can feel it in my hands - they feel all puffy and tight.  So I think the scale is just reflecting water weight.

Hubby is out of town for the next week, so I went to the grocery store yesterday to prepare.  I ended up buying a bunch of pork that I'm gonna throw in the slow cooker and eat that while he's gone.  Along with some chicken for salads, I'm all set!

A friend of mine came over for dinner last night.  We ended up making tacos in romaine leaves - they were really good.  It was a fun and relaxing.  My friend is a good cook, while I'm just a poser.  When I put the meat in the pan, she asked about herbs and spices.  We went through the cabinet and I told her to add freely to the pan.  As she added ingredients, I got a little concerned - it seemed like she was adding a LOT of spices and herbs and I thought the meat might be overly herbed and spiced.

I worried for nothing - I mean, SHE is the chef between the two of us!  It was excellent!  After seeing how the meat turned out, I'm gonna have to be a bit more, okay a lot more, adventurous when adding herbs and spices to food!

After dinner, we just sat on the couch and chatted for a few hours.  I haven't had a chill girls' night in forever!  When she left, I went to bed, watched TV, and read for a while.  And then proceeded to sleep until 10 am this morning!

Well - that's it for now.  I'm off to get my friend for the day.  It's raining, so I don't think we'll be spending too much time outside.


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