Monday, March 24, 2014

Random Stuff I am...

...Just thinking about random stuff.

Did you see the scale readings over the last few days?  It's kinda interesting that it's been the same for three days in a row.  Two days I can see, but three days seems a bit out of the norm.  I thought the scale might be stuck, so I weighed again to make sure the weight was the same and then took a big drink of water.  Sure enough, it moved.  So I'm pretty sure the scale isn't stuck.  I still think it's interesting though.

I think I figured out what gave me such an intense headache.  While I do get migraines, this last one was quite different.  I think it was my neck.  I had three herniated disks in my neck along with some stenosis in my cervical spine.  In the fall, I had a series of injections to help with all the numbness and pain, but I think it may be wearing off since I'm "feeling" my neck.   And if I'm totally honest, I haven't been wearing my brace.  Boo me.

As far as food goes, I've not really had much thought about food except what to eat when I get hungry.  I posted on another blog today that I've pretty much gotten rid of most processed foods (except for protein powder).  So with the exception of nuts, if I want to eat something, I have to cook it.  This is a good thing.  I had bacon, eggs, and cheese for breakfast, leftover roast for lunch, and a salad with chicken for dinner.   I do drink a lot of unsweetened tea.

I also came across this website today.  I've already forgotten where I found it, but it's quite interesting.  It's basically a photographic height/weight chart.  The photos are of different folks who've submitted photos of themselves.  Anyway, I thought it was cool.

So I'm talking to my son on Gchat and I say to him, "You know something interesting?"  He answers with, "Helium flash is dictated by an order -40 temperature dependency?"  Just let me say that he gets his smart-assiness from his father's side of the family.  ;-)  He is totally something else and has the best sense of humor!

They say we're gonna get more snow tomorrow.  Enough with the snow already!  This is Maryland, not Minnesota!  We've got daffodils and tulips coming up - I don't want to see them in snow!

That's the totality of my brain for today - hopefully it will hold some more substantial and meaningful thoughts tomorrow.

I'm off to watch The Following and The Blacklist.  The Following creeps me out, but I love Bacon in all forms!  And I think Spader is an outstanding actor!


RIP to all the souls on Flight 370.  RIP Stephanie Kirkpatrick.


  1. My scales do the same thing and it drives me nuts!! Seriously, how can they stay the exact same????

    The following....season one was much better. I haven't watched last nights episode though!!!

    1. It was a good episode last night! I think it's getting read to ramp up!

  2. Scales are ill-tempered and unreliable beasts! I think the important thing is doing the healthy stuff and some days the scale will acknowledge that and other days it just feels pissy for some reason.

    And sorry about the snow, it has been SUCH a weird year!

    1. The scale isn't bothering me at all - I just found it interesting that they were the same for three days in a row.

      And yes - snow here this time of year is quite unusual!

  3. That is a cool web site! Congrats that the scale finally moved again! You are doing so good!

    1. Isn't it??? It was so cool see folks at the same height/weight as me!

  4. Sick. of. snow. - says the Canadian!

    Oh the scale...everyone has a different way of dealing with it, but we all have to deal with it. You're doing it...

    1. YES! Sick.of.snow!

      That stinky ol'' scale ain't got nothing on me!


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