Monday, March 31, 2014

The "Best" Diet I am...

...thinking about the "Best" Diet.

I was reading a blog earlier where the blogger posted a link to an article that rated and ranked the "best" diets.  Of course, this same organization/website also had an article about sex toy safety!!!

In my past, I've tried several of these plans with varying degrees of success.  I'm a lifetime member of one of them.  Go figure!

Given all the reading I've done over the last year, I think many of the recommendations are misplaced and based on a historical bias rather than results.  But to each his own.  What's the popular saying?  YMMV - your mileage may vary.  I know many folks have success on each of these plans.

I see an endocrinologist on a regular basis because of my previous thyroid cancer.  I loved the endo I had in Texas, but had trouble finding one once we moved here.  I'm quite picky when it comes to doctors and I totally believe that *I* am the one in charge of my health.  Anyway, I found an endo here.  He was okay the first time I saw him, but his true colors came out on subsequent visits.  He reduced the amount of thyroid medication I was taking to the point that I stopped having periods, I became sluggish, and my hair fell out.  The final straw came when he told me that I should eat no more than 1000 calories a day.  It was at that point that I knew he was an idiot.  I never saw him again and wouldn't recommend him to anyone.  Plus, one of his nurses was a real bitch.

So I set out to develop my own plan that I could use to lose weight and then adjust to maintain for the rest of my life.  One of my major tenants was that I had to reduce sugar and it seems to be working for me.  Granted - I think it's working... slowly.  I mean I haven't lost 100 pounds yet and it's been 3 WHOLE MONTHS!!!  What's up with that???

Seriously, I'm always trying to maximize my eating to help me lose weight while trying to maximum my nutrition.  What have I ended up with?  Basically, a ketogenic-type diet.

Most folks think ketogenic, immediately think Atkins, and then think high protein.  But this is totally not what I'm doing.  I'm doing moderate protein with about 20% - 30% calories from protein.  At the same time, I'm keeping the CHO low at approximately 10%; the remaining calories come from fat.  My total calories average about 1750 each day.

I've been keeping track of my intake using Fatsecret.  Sometimes I weigh, sometimes I estimate, but I've been 100% on tracking it.  As far as that goes, if I've decided to weigh my food, I'll zero out a plate on the scale, put the food I want on the plate and then record the amount.

It might sound like I'm a bit obsessive, but I'm not at all.   BUT, I think I might need to be.

I do get a bit frustrated at the rate of weight loss, but I'm not sure it's reasonable.  I mean - I'm losing, my plan is working, I'm not deprived, and I even have some "cheats".  Sounds like a pretty successful plan to me.

If I could stop eating out, I'm almost positive I'd lose faster.  But no one is making me eat out.  It's all a matter of the decisions I make.  What's that saying I quote a week or so ago?  You can have results or you can have excuses, but you can't have both.

I think that fits here.


P.S.  I purposely walked more today.

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  1. I find myself curiously drawn to the sex toy safety, but I'm at work; and I have to ask myself, "will I get fired for clicking on the site?"
    Just the word "exercise" gives me a panic attack. I like your baby steps using the pedometer. My goal lately has been to just not spend an entire day sleeping or sitting and to be up and dressed downstairs before noon on my days off. Now this means quite often the lack of a shower and way too often a missed hair washing, but I'm dressed and downstairs. Right now only my dog Shelly and my cat Gracie are grateful. Gracie wants breakfast, and Shelly wants to play frisbee. Shelly for one would be very pleased if I has a little more stamina. Sadly, I do get winded by just picking up and throwing that damn frisbee, but I do have a large yard and when the weather is nice we do walk around and check our what's happening in the garden.

    My son, is desparetly trying to get buff and whenever he is home for visits beggs me to walk with him. He usually walks for about an hour but he is willing to reel it in for me. Whose 21 year old son if begging to spend time with his mother? What is wrong with me that I can't do this for my child?!!!!


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