Friday, March 14, 2014

The Scale, Part Deux I am...

...thinking about the scale again.

So, I get up this morning like I do every morning...swearing that I've got anal glaucoma!  Alas, it never lasts.

I use the bathroom and step on the scale.  It said 269.6!  I was happy, but didn't believe it at all.  Weighed again - 269.6.  Now I'm wanting PROOF of this - something that I can go back and look at.  I grab my phone, get the scale set, and step on the scale.  Damn thing says 270.0.

Well shit.  Here we go again.  I could stop and take the best two out of three, but I've kinda committed that I'm going to take the last weight before I drink my coffee.  I step on the scale yet again and it says 269.8.  Several more times and it remains at 269.8.  So I'm good.

I took a picture of it and even had Maggie the Cat as a witness!

Below a zero!!!  Whoop!

I've gotta say, I'm happy to see the scale dip below 270.  Of course, in all likelihood, it will go above 270 again as my weight slowly zig zags on its "weigh" down.  I've also gotta say that the scale experiences this week have left me feeling a little silly.  I'm not sure it's a good thing to have the behavior I've had this week regarding my weight.  Surely, it's okay for me to feel positive about it, but I don't really like that I've basically "danced" with the scale two days this week - it's not about chasing 0.5 lbs, but in essence that's what I've done.  It's purely emotional.

The thing is that I know better.  All I have to do is look at my weight loss graph.  The only thing that is really important is that the scale is trending downward at a steady pace.  Sure, there's variation because there's variation in everything.  And that's okay.

For some reason, I really like my weight loss graph.  It gives me confirmation that things are going in a downward trend and if I'm doing the right thing, I don't have to worry about the temporary upward fluctuations because the overall trend is downward is downward at a steady pace.  But mostly, looking at the graph makes me feel good...accomplished...successful.

Know what bugs me a little though?  I'm "officially" down 19.2 lbs; unofficially, it's more like 25 lbs.  I can feel the difference in my body - it's easier to move, my clothes are looser, I'm a bit more comfortable overall.  If my goal is to reach 175, that means I've lost 16.7% of the weight I need to lose.  This isn't anything to sneeze at by any means!

But no one has noticed.  :-(  I'd love to hear someone ask, "Have you lost some weight?"  That would make me feel good.  I guess most folks see me every day, so they don't really notice because it's gradual.  I *TOTALLY* get and understand that.  But still.  It seems that the loss would be noticeable.  I guess when you have a great deal of weight to lose, you have to lose a lot before it's noticeable. That sucks.

So until someone notices, I think I'm good with the self-identified changes.  Those are probably the most important anyway.

Oh - wanna know something goofy about my losing this weight?  I've always been one to get retain water in my ankles, which then turn into cankles.  Well, I must have stretched my socks out because the damn things won't stay on my feet.  They slip off my heel to the middle of my foot.  I've been having to take my shoes off several times a day to put my silly socks back on.

Finally, I love that song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.  In addition to the regular video, he has a 24-hour video of the song and I'm loving it!!!  Seeing all the different folks moving, dancing, and expressing themselves is so cool.  I wanna do that too!!!



  1. I had dropped 35 pounds before even one person commented!!!! it takes time... stupid weight lol

  2. I'm so sorry that no one has noticed, but I have found in my many weight loss journeys, that when I'm over 230 lbs, it takes a good 35 - 35-40 pounds down for people to notice. I began to love people who didn't ever notice, even a 94 pound weight loss - they were people who loved me for me and not how I looked. Keep have awesome perseverance!

    1. Diva - that's an excellent perspective. I'd not even thought of it like that before. You're so smaht!!

  3. Actually, I think I've always felt hesitant about commenting on weight loss even if I notice--hard to know if someone would be pleased to hear it or possilby offended --so people may be noticing but not saying anything. The important thing is that YOU are noticing and getting healthier and feeling good about it!

    1. Crabby - You're absolutely right...for folks who have manners!!! I don't know anyone with appreciable manners, so they should speak up!! lol


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