Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Scale

Well...here I am...

...thinking about the scale!

My bathroom scale

So the story goes like this:

I get up this morning, use the bathroom, and then step on the scale.  It says 270.6!!!  I was ecstatic!!
I step off the scale, step back ON the scale and get the weight again.  It says the same thing.  270.6.  I put both fists up in the air.  My husband, who was shaving at his side of the sink said, "Must be good news."

Here's the crazy part and it is indeed TMI.  I said to him, "I've got to poop!!!"  Now, I didn't need to poop, but I wanted to lose another .8 lbs to get below 270!!  So, I go back into the bathroom.  Well, of course, I'm not going to be able to do anything.  That's not something I'm gonna be able to force.

So okay - I realize I'm being a bit...a lot....stupid about the whole thing.  I regain my sanity and then weigh for a third time.


The damn scale went UP!!!  And I didn't do ANYTHING!!  I didn't drink any coffee, I didn't put on any clothes, I didn't do ANYTHING!  I weighed for a fourth and a fifth time and it didn't budge.  271.2.  So that's what I recorded for the day.

*I* think it was some sort of karma or cosmic justice teaching me a lesson and telling me to calm down!  My weight loss has to be the result of a real loss and not the result of emotional pooping!!  Emotional pooping!  Have you ever read THOSE words phrased together?  Bet not!

Anyway....(in my best Ellen DeGeneres voice)

So - if a horse gets bitten by a rattlesnake, is it as dangerous as when a human is bitten?  That question popped into my head earlier today as we drove by a field and it's been coming in and out of my thoughts sine then.

I've been tracking my food for the last week.  With the exception of the blowout last Friday, I'm averaging about 1730 calories a day.  I'm actually eating more calories than I thought I'd be able to eat and still lose weight, so that's a great surprise.  I don't track the calories until after I've eaten, but I do record the masses of my food.  I'm going to track for a while longer, but I'm not obsessing about it.

A colleague of mine told me one time that we were "decimal chasers".  To that end, I love numbers, I love manipulating numbers, I love understanding them.  That's why I've got a straight line, a trend line, running through my weight loss graph.

A few other nerdy things I calculated today were my average weight loss by day.  Turns out that it's 0.16 lb per day.  As well, my BMI is 39.47.  According to Wikipedia, I've moved from Obese Class III (Very severely obese) (BMI >40) to Obese Class II (Severely Obese) (35<BMI<40).  That's an accomplishment for sure, but the language seems a bit ominous and severe.  Plus, I'm not sure how much faith I put into BMI, but I guess it shows progress via a different number.

Back in November, I planned to buy some black pants to wear at a national meeting I was going to attend.  Most of the attendees at this meeting are male and usually wear suits.  Well, I'm not suit-wearing gal, but I needed to dress it up a bit.  Anyway, I couldn't find pants that fit around my ass that were also long enough.  There was no way in hell, I was gonna wear too short pants, so I ended up buying some very dark wash jeans.  The jeans were from Lane Bryant and had some sort of new fangled technology to make me instantly look 100 pounds lighter.

They were size 22 jeans and they.were.tight!  However, I liked the jeans, they did indeed help my tummy a little and gave me a less fat profile, so I bought 5 pair total.

Fast forward to now, I think I can safely say that those jeans are officially too loose.  I put them on and they're not tight at all.  They're loose in the leg, seat, and waist.  I'm pretty stoked about that, but I'm still gonna wear them for a while.  They're not falling off, but I know that I can comfortably wear a smaller size.

I also learned today that onions have a crapload of sugar!



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