Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Visible changes

Well...here I am...

...thinking about the visible changes I'm seeing.

Yup - gotta say, I'm pretty satisfied (right now (subject to change at anytime))  with how things are going.

First, there was this:

Do you know what this is?  This is a picture of me in a towel.  The important thing is that the towel is crossing over the other end by a big margin!!!  There used to be a gap at the bottom of the towel and it was difficult to cover up the girlie bits!  No more!!!!  Just like a man, hubby said he didn't like it - the closed gap that is!  Pfft to him!  I didn't even realized it had happened and I looked down and BAM!

Yippee ki yay!

So THEN, I walked into my closet to get a pair of jeans.  I just *thought* that I might just try on the next size down.  These are a pair of pants I bought several years ago as an incentive.  Well, ding dang dawg - THEY FIT!!!  There's even room in the leg!  WOOHOO!!!

Hi Yo Silver!!!

Well next, I tried on a shirt that I'd previously worn as an overshirt because I couldn't button the damn thing.  What do you know????  It not only fits - it's even a little loose!!!

I Suwannee!!  Suuueeeeeeeeyyyy!

Just let me say, my ass was strutting around the house like I was off the chain!!

So even though hubby and I both slept through the alarm...by an hour!...my morning was recovered pretty quickly.  That, plus a new low on the scale, was a great way to start the day.

Having said all this, we ate out at both lunch and dinner!!!  I'm sure the scale will be up tomorrow.  It ALWAYS is after eating out!

Breakfast was my smoothie.  I'm not leaving the house during the workweek without preparing some sort of breakfast.  Otherwise, there are no good choices for me at all.  There's nothing on a fast food menu that is acceptable to me and we don't have time in the mornings to go to a sit-down restaurant, so breakfast at home it is!

Since we had overslept so long, I didn't have time to prepare salads today.  As a result, hubby and I went out to lunch.  I was trying to avoid anything that would have additives.  I'm not sure I succeeded, but I did the best I could by ordering plain grilled salmon and a salad with blue cheese.  It was good and quite filling.

At dinner...well, what can I say??  It is Tuesday and Tuesday IS rib night.  And we haven't had ribs in several weeks.  Guess what we had for dinner?  Yup - ribs.

I got them nekkid and they were good; but, they weren't the best they've ever been (Do I hear Charlie Daniels?)  No - I didn't eat all of them - just half.  The green stuff is collards - they were okay, but they put something hot in there that I don't recognize.  It's a different kind of spice and I'm not quite sure I like it.  It's quite different from the collards I grew up eating in SC.

So - we finally get home and what do I find??  Comments on last night's blog!!!  I *love* comments!!!  Comment once, comment twice!!  I love all of them.  So please follow and please post!!!



  1. I am so happy for you to be able to fit into a different size and I especially love the towel victory! Sometimes it the little things.

    I too cleaned out my kitchen and overflow garage pantry of processed and junk food and I've got to say it us wonderful having all that empty space. I had enough space to take the, now not being used anyway, flour and sugar canisters off the counter and put them in the pantry.

    I also feel the same way about fast food, other than my lifelong love of Mcdonalds there is nothing I crave or want, and I'll go one step further and include most restaurants. I was stuck having to order Chinese food last weekend, I picked what I thought was healthier chicken with cashew nuts. It had no chicken or cashews and was not worth the extra lbs that came anyway. Today was a birthday lunch celebration at a mexican restaurant. It was fricken freezing so I ordered something that I thought looked healthy and hot, chicken with grilled onions, tomatoes, and peppers. Held the rice and beans- we'll it was swimming in some sauce, so I plucked at the chicken and some onions and didn't enjoy it at all; will I have to pay for that tomorrow too? In desperation to save myself, I ended up eating asparagus and butternut squash with a tiny piece of leftover meat. Restaurants in general are not very friendly to healthy eating. Next one I try will be my favorite food, Middle Eastern. Everything on my favorite Mezze platter is healthy, but can I enjoy it without pita bread?

    That reminds me of something good I realized. I have had it drilled into my brain that a meal has a protein, starch, and veggie. So when I stopped putting my favorite item on my plate, the starch, it just seemed wrong, something is missing. Then,since I'm not that into meat and usually too lazy to cook it, occasionally I stopped putting the protein on my plate and I was amazed to realize that it was possible to eat just veggies, not a salad, but just leftover veggies for dinner and be satisfied.

    That brings me to a question? I know sugar is the key to my issues and I avoid adding it to anything, but I do add stevia to a few things. My question, since eating sugar triggers my appetite, does Stevia cause the same reaction? How does our body process a sweet leaf? I added it to my butternut squash, but I find myself hungrier than usual following a meal absent of carbs. Yesterday I ate the squash, asparagus, and a medium size lamb burger and was so hungry later in the evening that I binged on almonds- dammit, I know better. Is it possible that I didn't eat enough fat, or is it the Stevia?

    I am still jealous of how much faster you are loosing than I but I was thrilled to be going through my closet and getting rid of pants that I wasn't wearing and while they were still a 3x pants I couldn't wear last summer fit,Brandi was happy to keep some and get rid of some, not because they didn't fit, but because I didn't like them! And I owe it to you for taking the first step.

    I have never been excited to check my medical labs before, but I know my blood sugar has to be better, and I will have them drawn after I've been at this for three months. Unfortunately, I hate pricking my finger, so I asked my husband if he would do it for me. He said yes he would prick my finger if I would finger his-----.aren't we both married to wonderful men?

    1. Don't be jealous at all!! Just learn your body and what works for you - it will happen. I'm 3 months into this - the 2nd month I lost a total of one pound. In this 3rd month, I've lost 10 pounds. So don't give up!!!

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  2. OH my word...the towel thing for me was the BIGGEST NSV!!!

    1. Yeah - those NSVs are pretty good ego boosters!


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