Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bacon...YUM! I am...

...thinking about the bacon I just ate for dinner!

I posted a few days ago about visiting a nearby organic farm last Saturday.  We bought a bunch of stuff while we were there.  In particular, there was some *REALLY* thick sliced bacon that I just had to have.  Being that hubster is out of town, I had some of the bacon for dinner tonight (hubster doesn't seem the like the breakfast for dinner idea).

It was so freaking awesome!!!  I wish I had made more!!  But I didn't cuz it takes so blasted long to cook.  I put the bacon on the broiler pan and sprinkle a bunch of pepper on it and cook it at 350 for half an hour, flipping it halfway through and peppering that side as well.  Some leftover veggies and I was good to go.

So - can we guess what the scale said this morning considering that I was this ---->  <---- close to being below the zero??  It went up!!!  Damn!  Stupid scale.  It didn't go up much, but still.  I had a little talk with the scale and told it that there were newer versions available!

I weighed as I was changing clothes this evening, so I expect I'll be below the zero tomorrow.  But then again - I know my history with expecting anything!

I was asked today what I was doing to lose weight.  It's interesting since what I'm doing is all part of the DIP.  I wrote some things down, but then thought about it some more.  For me, the most basic tenet is truly eliminating sugar.  At this point, it mostly includes fruit as well.  Having said that, on most days, I do have between 0.5 - 0.75 cup fruit - usually strawberries, either fresh or frozen.  But that's it.

I do track my food, but it's not for a caloric purpose, but more as a check on the sugar and sodium.  But here are the current averages from my handy-dandy, dorky, AND nerdy excel spreadsheet.

Sodium [mg]:   2633 
Fat [g]:               128.4 g (63.3%)
Carbs [g]:             37.5 g (8.2%)
 -Fiber [g]:            10.7 g
 -Sugar [g]:           13.4 g
Protein [g]:         128.8 g (28.6%)
Calories:           1708

For me, this is easily doable.  I'm satisfied and satiated and don't feel the need to switch it up at the moment.  I had previously thought that I would look at the calories more closely and get them down to about 1400 so that I'd lose faster, but I found it a bit dissatisfying and I wasn't really comfortable.  So I'm gonna have to stick with slower loss with a sane outlook, rather than a faster loss with a sense of desperation.  Yannow?

That's it for tonight!  Wish me luck on the stupid scale tomorrow!!!



  1. 2633 sodium is a little high. I understand re the calories, though. If you are so low you are feeling dissatisfied, it's not sustainable. Good luck!

  2. Hope the scale does what you want it to!


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