Saturday, April 12, 2014

Eating out and Sodium I am...

...thinking about eating out and sodium.

The scale was down a pound to 263.4 this morning.  But I slept in and weighed late in the morning, so I don't know if it's an apple to apple comparison with my normal morning weigh-ins.

It was a low-key day.  I had some bacon and coffee for breakfast.  We bought some thick-cut bacon and I love the way we make it.  I put the bacon on a broiler pan and generously sprinkle some coarse ground black pepper on it and bake it for about 25 minutes, turning it over halfway through.  It's SO scrumptious and I eat it slowly to savor ever bite.

I spent the afternoon doing the laundry and finishing up our taxes.  I have very strong opinions about taxes, but I'll save it for another time.

Anyway, hubby wanted to go out to dinner, but I was a little doubtful given last Saturday's disaster.  However, he said he wanted to go to Red Lobster for their Lobsterfest (and we had a $10 coupon), so we went.

I made excellent choices.  Skipped the biscuits, no mashed potatoes, no rice pilaf, no croutons on the salad, nothing fried - minimal carbs all around.  I got lobsters with a grilled shrimp skewer and a house salad with blue cheese crumbles instead of blue cheese dressing.  The bc crumbles were just a passing idea, but I really liked it and will probably make that choice more often.

I felt like dinner was a success and I made great choices

When we get home, I logging my meal - everything based on RL's nutritional information.  I ended up right where I expected on calories - 1700 for the day, so I'm right on target.  No worries there.

The thing that kicked my ass was the sodium.  I've had almost 5000 mg of sodium for the day!!!  The meal itself had right at 4000 mg!  I was stunned!  I'm usually around 2200 mg.  I think this may be one of the reasons I always show a gain on the scale the next day even when I've made great choices.  I mean, the scale ALWAYS shows an increase the morning after eating out the night before.

I checked the restaurant's numbers against generic information for the food I ate at dinner.  They showed similar sodium numbers as well.  I was really surprised.  I honestly didn't know that there was that much sodium in the seafood.  The thing about it is that since the restaurant numbers were on a par with the non-specific numbers, I would have had the same sodium intake if I'd prepared that meal at home.

Another restaurant lesson learned.

On a GREAT note, I had less than a GRAM of sugar for the entire day.  That's a new sugar low and I was pretty stoked about that.

I already know what I'm writing about tomorrow night - it's been on my mind since I read Gwen's post about food triggers.

I'll be interested in what the scale shows tomorrow morning.



  1. Prepared (restaurant prepared) seafood and chicken is off the hook on sodium. I care more about sodium than calories at restaurants. I almost always ask for 'no added salt' at restaurants, except for my carne asada steaks...they never zing me. It is part of the learning curve, but you made good choices and learned in the process.

    YAY for you re the sugar! :D

    Now you got me intrigued about your next post!

    1. I knew that restaurant food was more processed, but I thought seafood would be less so. And I still think it's less processed. When I compared to it fresh items of the same type, the sodium levels were about the same. I was shocked that seafood had such high sodium levels. I guess I shouldn't considering everything I had comes from salt water.

      Now I'm gonna have to stick with fresh water fish!

      The post won't be anything fabulous - just a hint of a realization for me.

  2. COSTCO's Pecan Crusted Trout, pan fried in coconut oil, has become a weekly staple for me and my husband is always pleased. I hope they continue carrying it after Lent.

  3. At least with sodium you can 'eradicate' it by drinking lots of water to flush your system!

    As for the biscuits....holy rock, I couldn't pass those puppies up! (Luckily we don't eat at RL very often!)

    1. I was a water-drinking fool yesterday, but it didn't help so much.

  4. yeah sodium is a killer... this morning I feel like I have balloons in my fingers. Sodium overload with not enough water yesterday
    today's plan + lotsa water!!

    1. Don't you hate it when your fingers are like sausages? Water to the rescue!

  5. Ahh.. sodium is not a womens friend, thats for sure! Good job on passing up some good food at Red Lobster!!! Good for you!
    Less than a gram of sugar is awesome, too. You had a good day over all! :)

    1. Ahhh, but I didn't pass up anything and I still had good food! ;-)

      And you're right - sodium is not a woman's friend!

  6. The seven minute workout that I talked about on my blog.....the picture in that post shows 12 each move for 30 seconds....voila 7 minutes. (with time for in between!)


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