Thursday, April 3, 2014

Odds and ends I am...

...thinking about odds and ends.

As predicted, the scale was up this morning.  Not much and nothing to worry about because it's really just in the noise, but I ate out yesterday and it was reflected in the scale.

While driving to work today, I realized that I "fit" differently in the seat.  In the past, I've often felt that I was poured in and overflowing in the seat and wasn't totally comfortable.  But this morning, my butt was fitting in the seat and I just felt like there was some room.

Work was pretty busy all day.  I was all over our campus so that helped to add up the steps because I walked.  Okay - it's only a little over 5000 steps, but that's an improvement.  PLUS, as I was returning to my office today, I thought that I would take the elevator because I still have a headache.  But I then thought about the promise I'd made about walking up the steps, so that's what I did - so that's a little accomplishment for the day - a DIP success if you will.  Because still - I hate taking the stairs and would much prefer to take the elevator.

At breakfast this morning, I had two of the Oopsies that I made last night along with some bacon and eggs.  The Oopsie held up quite well - so another feather in the cap for finding a good recipe.

I've also decided that technology drives me crazy.  On the table beside my bed, I have a cell phone, a work cell phone, a work iPad, a laptop, and a Nook.  Really?????  How damn connected do I have to be???

Spent some time on the phone with a friend of mine after work today.  She's making her way the weight loss maze and is a bit frustrated.  She'll make it though - I have every confidence that she'll succeed!  *WAVES AT MY FRIEND*

Oh - took some blood pressure measurements tonight.  It's almost in the normal range!!!  Who knew?  At one time, it was rather high, so I'm rather pleased with myself!  Perhaps I won't have to take bp meds for a whole lot longer.  Do I need to track this?  What happens if I take bp meds and my bp is normal?  Is that dangerous?  Something else to find out about.

Hubster gets back from his trip tomorrow and I'm ready to see him.  He wants to go out for date night, so I'm preparing for one of my "splurges".  We're considering Red Lobster, Longhorn Steakhouse, or a local Mediterranean place (the one with the great brussels sprouts!).  I'm not having to really prepare for the splurge, but rather prepare myself into not feeling bad for eating outside my daily range/plan.

The only downer for the day really is that I still have a headache.  I seem to be having a lot of headaches lately.  I'm not sure if it's diet - I'm certainly not starving myself; if it's hormonal - I'm certainly at *that* age; if it's something related to my neck - a distinct possibility; or, if it's just a stupid headache.  The weird thing is that I've rarely had headaches, but rather migraines on the right side.  The rare headache I've had hurt all over my head.  But lately, these have been on the left side and they just bug me.

Enough whining.



  1. Sorry about the headaches. Hope they go away soon!

    re bp meds, yeah, keep an eye on it. I've gone from uncontrolled with 2 meds a day, to 1/4 of one med a day and low normal. I got down to 90/60 before I started getting dizzy and had to cut a sliver off my pills. But I suggest talking to your doctor, don't tackle that on your own. My doctor is such a jerk about it though...I just would drop a 1/4 of a pill...test constantly for a week, and see how it went. I might never be totally off them, but 1/4 pill per dose is pretty darned awesome. For me. :) Good luck!

    1. Good for you! I hope I'm able to follow suit and get down to a really low or no dose at all.

  2. Just getting caught up with you. Don't you LOVE feeling smaller in the car seat? Sounds like you are having consistent success - congratulations.

    1. I'm hanging in there! And yes, I loved that feeling of fitting "more better" in the seat!

  3. Boo to the headaches!!

    I sometimes get frustrated at the technology that I keep within arms reach. Frustrated, but not enough to get rid of it! ha ha ha

    1. LOL! That's absolutely right - not enough to get rid of it! I'm a slave to it!

      The headaches suck.


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