Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The last few days

Well...here I am...

...thinking about the last few days.

It seems like I've been going non-stop since Friday.

But first - how do you like my new background up there!?!?  They're from my front yard.  Tulips are my favorite.  Hubster was a dear and planted about 180 tulip bulbs along with 180 daffodil bulbs last year!

Now - on to my ramblings!

First, there was Bingo on Friday night.  I maneuvered that okay.

On Saturday, I picked up my 86 year old bff so that we could spend the day together.  It was a nice day and I had decided that I wanted to visit an organic farm that's really close to my house so we picked up hubby as well and off we went.

On the way there, my friend said he wanted to go to the races.  This is not something I planned on at all, but being the smart thinker I am (do we know how this is going to turn out?), I called the waiter to see if they had any tables.  Since it was Easter, the waiter said they were booked solid.  Whew!  Off the hook on that one!  But then, the waiter calls back and says there was a cancellation and that he'd booked us.  I couldn't disappoint my friend since he's no longer able to do things on his own and he's been going to these races for over 20 years.

I wasn't prepared for it at all food-wise.  The buffet line wasn't something I wanted to navigate at all.  I didn't do such a bad job, but it could have been better.  They have a huge buffet dessert selection, but I opted to get a simple, plain crepe with some dipped strawberries for dessert.

I realized though that I was really fixating on the food.  At one point, I looked at all the folks around and realized they were thinking about the races and not the food.  I knew I had to get out of the restaurant and recoup.  So hubby stayed with bff and I went and into the casino.  Does this mean I'd rather have a gambling problem than a food/weight problem?

Easter Day was quiet and just what we needed.

On Monday, some friends of ours came to town.  We knew the husband quite well, but it was the first time we'd been able to spend any time with the wife.  We feel like we've made a new friend.  She was wonderful and fit right in!  We worked a half-day and then met them at a local restaurant where I had salmon and asparagus.  We talked nonstop at lunch and then came home where we again talked nonstop until dinner.  We went to a steakhouse for dinner where I had steak and vegetables.  Food-wise I did great; calorie-wise I think I may have had too much.  But given that I'd eaten out for two meals yesterday, I was pleased the scale was down this morning, but not to a new low.  Actually - this is the first time this has happened.  The scale being down the morning after eating out the day before.  Perhaps the secret is to eat out TWO times in a day.


I found a mass in my abdomen on Saturday - it feels a little weird and a little elongated.  Given that I've had two different cancers, shit like that worries me and I turn into a little hypochondriac.  I called my doctor this morning and was able to get squeezed in.  The good news is that the doctor thinks the mass is just fat.  How is that not a surprise?  It's between my abdominal wall and my skin and she feels that it has a very low risk of being anything bad.  We've decided to wait a few months and revisit.  I trust her judgment, so I'm happy with our plan.

The EXCELLENT news is that my blood pressure was 118/70.  I was so shocked, I had the nurse take it again.  117/70.  YEAH ME!!  The doctor said to continue the meds until I feel the effects of the medicine.  The other good thing is that the scale showed a weight of 263, which is down 23 lbs from the 286 I was at my last appointment in April 2013.  That 263 was WITH clothes - no shoes!  Even better!  I also requested my height and it's 5'10".  I've always been that height but for some stupid reason, I was thinking I was 5'9".  I'm an idiot - what can I say?

Seeing that "official" difference in my weight somehow cemented my efforts even further and was just the shot in the arm I needed after the last few days of food.  My personal "official" difference is 27 lbs, but it could be as high as 40 because I think I may have even topped the 300 mark.  At that time though, I wouldn't weigh.  If I didn't weigh, it wasn't true.

The doctor and I had a big discussion about what I was doing to lose weight and she was good with all of it.  She even asked for a few specifics.  I wish everyone could have a doctor like her.

To sum it all up, on one hand, it's been a taxing few days food-wise.  The choices I made didn't help me lose weight, but they didn't help me gain weight either.  On the other hand, I had a great time with friends and I had my efforts affirmed and confirmed.

It's all good!



  1. Busy, stressful, fun, scary.......you have had it all these last few days!

    SO glad to hear that the doctor wasn't overly concerned!!!!!

  2. Thank you MaryFran!!! With my history, I sometimes have to actively calm myself, but I'm learning.


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