Monday, April 28, 2014

The Stairs I am...

...thinking about the stairs and how much I really hate them.  Plus, Crabby talked in her blog today about new habits and mentioned stairs.  She's decided to take the stairs two at a time, while I've decided to just take the stairs.  I think she's doing it on purpose  ;-)

So, I made the commitment to take the stairs instead of the elevator when I'm in one office (3rd floor) and to walk from the parking lot when I'm in my other office (about 1/4 mile total from car to desk) - I used to get hubster to drop me off.

And I hate taking the stairs.  I always have.  And I particularly hate taking the stairs since I'm fat and out of shape.

But perhaps taking the stairs will help me be a little less fat and a little more in shape.  I have my doubts when I'm actually going UP the stairs.  I generally feel that I'm gonna die by the time I get to my floor.  When I'm going DOWN the stairs, I've got it covered!  Hell, I could walk DOWN the stairs all day long!  When I'm going down the stairs, I feel like my next step is the Olympics! 

So what happens the other day??

I'm walking into the building and a fellow is walking toward me and the door.  I'm praying that he takes the elevator and wondering what I'm gonna do if we meet at the stairwell door at the same time.  Is he taking the elevator???  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, he's taking the stairs.

Not only is he taking the stairs, the guy decides to be Mr. Chivalrous and opens the damn door and does a little bow as he waves me forward.

What do I do???  I'm cornered.  I mean, I don't want to go first and have this guy watching my fat ass looking like two cats fighting in a burlap sack as I lumber up the stairs!!  What if I fart??  And really, I can tell by the look of this fellow that he goes quickly up the stairs!  I'll be so slow and probably make him late for a meeting.  I mean, by the time I get to the top floor, it'll be time to go back down for lunch or something.

What if I go first and this guy starts talking to me??  He wouldn't be able to understand a word I say as I heave my ass up the stairs.  Hell man, after two steps, I'm outta breath!

So what do I do?

I looked at him and simply said, "I just started taking the stairs and I'm really slow, so you should go ahead."

We both went up the stairs with him ahead of me.  By the time, he exited the stairwell at the third floor, I was only halfway up.

And yannow what?  THAT'S FINE!!!  The point was that I took the stairs.

After I get up the stairs, I have to PRAY that I don't see anyone that will want to talk to me because I'm gasping for air.  Luckily, I didn't see anyone.

One day, I'll take the stairs as fast as that guy and I won't be breathing hard afterward.  That's my first stair goal.



  1. good for you for taking the stairs, and at your own pace!

  2. Great on taking the stairs. Personally, I'm fine going up the stairs but hating coming down them. A few years ago I was coming down stairs, missed a step and broke my ankle. But, going up stairs is so great!

    1. Between the two of us, we'd be a perfect stair pair!

  3. Good job! I am trying to park as far away instead of circling the parking lot for the closest possible spot. Every bit counts, right?


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