Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tough Day...and Ribs

Well...here I am...

...thinking about my day - it was tough.

I'm a bit bummed this evening about the day I had.  I had to relay some difficult news today and it's never fun.   I wish everything could be upbeat.

Aside from that downer, I made some good personal decisions today, so I'm happy about it, but I had to mull things over before I reached the decision.  Of course, it's about eating out!!!

This morning the scale was down to 260.2!!!  Seriously??  Why the hell couldn't that stupid scale just be that little bit lower to be in the 250's.  I did a little bathroom dance with the scale, but he was a stubborn scale and wouldn't budge!  The scale is male because a woman would be more understanding!  Plus, tomorrow is the last day of April and I really wanted to be in the 250's by the end of the month.  Keep your fingers crossed!  Hell, keep everything crossed!

As we're preparing breakfast and lunch this morning, hubster asks, "Are we going to get ribs tonight?"  Wait.   What????  I am 260.2 and you're asking me if I want to go eat out???  Uhhhh..no!!!!

The women in my group took our admin out to lunch today since last week was so hectic.  There were plenty of suggestions, including some high end burger joints and wing places.  None of these would have been conducive to my meeting my monthly goal, so I suggested a restaurant across the street from work where I knew I wouldn't have difficulty making a good choice.  I ordered grilled salmon and asparagus - simple and good with no hidden additions...I don't think.  That was good.

The afternoon sucked.

On the way home, I was beat.  I asked hubster if we were going to eat ribs.  Now WHY did I do that?  The thing about it, I would have gone and I would have regretted it and I knew that when I said it.  Yet, I was willing to go anyway.   WTF is wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!?

Luckily, hubster said we were not going out because I *have* to be in the 250's tomorrow.  Hubster was determined for me in that instant without judging me.  Our daughter was on the phone with us and hubster told her about it.  SHE said that I didn't need to go out for ribs and that I needed to be strong.  It was two against one, but it was so clear they were on my side and just bolstering me in my weakness.  I love them.

It was exactly perfect the way they supported me in that instant.  It was light-hearted, yet addressed the immediate issue at the same time.  Then they dropped it.  And that was it.

I wish it was always so easy to get back on track to making a good decision.  Sometimes it's very difficult and such a struggle to make the right choice when it comes to food choices.  I'm satisfied, I have nothing to regret tonight, and I've done what I can do THIS DAY to have a positive outcome for tomorrow.  Don't get me wrong - I know it's my choices over the last few days, but they've been pretty decent choices as well.

I had some Texas kiolbassa and a little cheese omelet for dinner.  I'm good on sodium for the day at 2235 mg and sugar at 12.46 g.

I hope I reach my goal tomorrow!!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!



  1. Good luck! Don't put too much *weight* on reaching specific number goals by specific dates...sometimes it just doesn't happen. Sometimes it does. What really, really counts is that you made wise eating decisions today that are breaking old habits and forming new habits habits to keep this weight off for a lifetime. I preach it...why is it so hard to live it??? :) Whether or not the scale moves, you are a winner because you made the right choices! Congratulations!

  2. EXACTLY what Divad said! :)

  3. You are doing great!!! One decision at a time. And thank the hubster and the daughter for backing up your decision that you had made early in the morning when you were feeling strong!!!

  4. YEA! YIPPIEE! What a great supportive family! Some of us eat to live, others like myself, eat when we are in distress, bad news, good news, stress... its all about learning how to be like the first group of people.. eat to live. Thats what I'm aiming for and sounds like you are , too! Good job! You'll hit that goal in no time. Good post!

    :) Rosie

  5. Every time you make a good choice you have to celebrate it ( but not with food!) Bravo! WTG hubby for being supportive too! Good work! Keep it going!!


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