Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zero I am...

...thinking about zero.

Specifically, the zero that comes at the end of 260.  The scale was at 260.6 today and I was pretty excited to see it.  Less than a pound and I'll be below the zero.  It seems that I've kinda broken this whole thing down into 5 lbs increments on the 0 and the 5.  Having said that, it seems that every time I expect/anticipate a loss, I get the exact opposite and the scale goes up.  Currently, I feel like I'm getting ready to start.  But these days, it seems I never know for sure.

Once I get below the zero, it'll be time to take progress photos again.  That's actually kinda exciting.  I was talking to hubster about it this morning and he actually discussed it with me instead of just listening.

I have to say that I appreciate the attention he's giving to my efforts.  In the past, he didn't pay so much attention and would prepare things that were really off-limits.  I guess the difference this time may be the fact that just because he prepared something that was off-limits didn't mean that I had to eat it!  Previously, something as simple as a dish prepared outside of what I allowed myself was enough to totally knock me off track.  He also says that he sees the difference in the way I react and interact, which I think has had made a difference in the way he reacts to me.

I think about my efforts often and there are several things that are satisfying and help me maintain my motivation.
  • When I stay below the trend line on my graph. 
  • When I dip below the next lower horizontal line on my graph.  
  • When I keep my sodium less than 2500 mg/day.
  • When I get to bed early
  • When I keep my sugar intake low - I'm talking total less than 25 g/day.
  • Recording my food intake.
  • Keeping my intake to 1700 calories or less.
Not succeeding in any one of these things doesn't ruin my day because there are other things on the list as well.

So - we bought fresh strawberries this weekend - they were BEAUTIFUL!  I had some in my smoothie this morning and it was outstanding!!!  I loved it!!  Then this evening for dinner, we had fresh green beans and asparagus and they were outstanding as well.

It's interesting because now that I've seriously reduced my sugar intake, the foods that do have sugar, such as the strawberries, taste extra sweet.  Interesting too is that the green beans tonight seemed to be a bit sweet.  My taste buds seem to be waking up and it is awesome!

That's all I've got on my mind today.  Oh, I read a great quote today:  Sweat is fat crying.  Isn't that great?!?!?!



  1. I find the same thing about foods tasting sweeter once the sugar intake is gone. It's so weird how our taste buds change. Congrats on breaking new numbers!

    1. You're right!! The taste of the natural foods is just wonderful. I never appreciated it before now.

  2. You are doing great! And I used to count as showpiece weight loss milestones every time I fell even an ounce below a '5' or a '0.
    ' ;)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! I can't wait to be below the 26-zero!

  3. I just had some strawberries, but now I want more!!!!!!

    1. MaryFran - these strawberries were AWESOME!!! I've got enough for tomorrow morning, but I think I'm gonna go and buy some more!

  4. Fantastic job !! I can't wait to see your progress photo's!! I haven't been brave enough for that just yet, but will do it one day!
    I also wanted to say that I'm so happy for you that your doctor was able to rule out cancer on your lump you found! You must feel so relieved. Keep up your great work!!
    Rosie :)

    1. Rosie - Thank you so much!!!

      Taking...and posting...those photos was very difficult for me. At the time though, I didn't think anyone would ever read the blog. But in a strange way, it was empowering and yannow what?? I've gotten nothing but good comments about the differences.
      And yes - I'm glad the lump appears to be ok!


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