Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chickens I am...

...thinking about chickens.

Before I get to my latest weight loss fiasco, I wanna talk about chickens.

A co-worker friend of mine has chickens and has given us some of the eggs.  Along with the eggs we bought at the organic farm, I believe I'm sold on them.  I told my co-worker that I'd be happy to pay for them, but she refuses any sort of payment.

So...I thought I'd get my own.  Hubster is NOT sold on the idea, but I'm working on him.

I'm thinking of a buff orpington, an australorp, and a brahma.  When grown, they'd provide about a dozen eggs a week - certainly enough for hubster and myself. 

The pictures above are of the three chickens I want:  a light Brahma, a buff Orpington, and an Australorp.  All three of these chickens are generally very mild-mannered, make great pets - like sitting on your lap kind of pets, can handle very cold winters, and are good egg-layers.

I've been reading about raising chickens this afternoon and I've got the perfect place for them.  I remember my grandparents having chickens when I was growing up and being old enough to be able to get the eggs.  I also remember my grandmother telling me to leave one particular egg alone because it was a bad egg and smelled bad.  So what did I do?  I got the egg and threw it against the barn wall.  I was immediately busted because it really was a bad egg and smelled AWFUL!

Anyway - stay tuned.  I have more reading to do and a mind to change before chickens come to roost at our house.

The scale was WAY UP this morning.  All as a result of dinner last night.  While I asked the server about how the food was prepared, the chicken skin was nice, thick, and crunchy, which really can only mean that there was a lot of flour.  I also had, at most, 2/3 cup mashed potatoes.  In the end, I think the biggest problem is sodium as usual.  We'll see how it plays out.  Regardless, it's over and done and now I have to face the music...of the scale.  I don't know if I subconsciously let me guard down, if I subconsciously didn't give a shit, or what.  I could have made better decisions, but didn't.

Two other interesting consequences of last night's meal was that I slept for shit and when I did sleep, I had bad dreams.  I've heard of that happening when you eat food you're not used to eating and/or when you eat late at night.  Yuck.

After I weighed this morning, I considered not saying anything at all.  I mean, it would show that I'm not perfect, not successful, and a big fake.  But that's an old, bad habit that's screwed me in the past.  It's reminiscent of "if you don't talk about it, it didn't happen, so you didn't overeat, so you couldn't gain weight and if you did, it's not your fault" bullshit train of thought.  The very thought process that I need to be aware of and on the lookout for at all times.  So I'm spilling my guts for all to judge if they want, but hopefully to understand instead.

For Mother's Day, hubster made me breakfast in bed - a cheese omelet with bacon.  You know I love me some bacon!  As well, he grilled steaks for dinner along with fresh green beans and a sweet potato.  The best part of the day of course was talking with my kids and my mother.  So it's all good.

I'm hoping tomorrow is the beginning of a much better week than last week.




  1. I"m a firm believer in being honest on my blog.....the blog is for me and if I hide how things are REALLY going (or those meals that I may WANT to forget) then I'm only trying to hide the truth from myself!

    I've been trying to talk my husband into dice for me! LOL

  2. MaryFran - Me too. In that instance, it wasn't a matter of being honest, but more of facing the music. Like you, my blog is for me and I'll never lie on my blog because the only one I'm hurting is myself.

  3. I agree with MaryFran! It's so easy to not admit the truth, but it is what it is. You just gotta pick yourself up and move on. You can do this! Thanks for stopping over to my blog today! Looking forward to reading more about your journey!

    1. I enjoyed your blog Desiree. I'm dusting myself off!

  4. Real life will always be making mistakes in the food department. Skinny people make mistakes and then they eat less the next day. I long for that sensibility in my life! :) Me, I overeat one day and that give me license to overeat for a week since I've blown it already! I love that THM has you wait 3 hours and start back on plan when something goes wrong in the food intake. I love that it's built into the program because then I feel like less of a failure.

    Chickens...okay we're not twinsies on this issue! LOL I can't stand the smell off chicken shit!

    1. Diva - that is a good thing about THM. You're right - we always make mistakes, but damn. When I make a mistake, I feel like I'm losing my focus.

      But wait - we're still twinsies - I don't like the smell of chicken shit either! lol


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