Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dinner with hubster I am...

...still thinking about last night's dinner with hubster.

Again, we ate out.  He had decided that he'd like to go to a steakhouse about an hour away from us.  So away we went.  We really do eat out a lot, which has been detrimental to me in the past, but I think I'm learning how to maneuver.  But, for the time being I really do prefer eating at home.

Anyway, this steakhouse is really popular in Texas and we were regular visitors when we lived there, so we were both looking forward to it.  Coinciding with this visit, I've been thinking about adding sweet potatoes to see if I can tolerate them.  They're not something I'd eat on a regular basis, but as an occasional addition.

I was pretty secure in the pre-planned choices I'd made for dinner, but there were a few concerns.  This restaurant has delicious rolls, which CLEARLY have sugar in them.  I've eaten lots of them in the past when we dined, so they made me a little nervous.  As well, they also have steak fries that are also really good.

Directly after we were seated, those rolls were plopped on the table and I swear, I could taste them just by smelling them!  I took a pinch of one and ate it.  After doing that a second time, I got hubster to put them on his side of the table.  I could sense that I was on the verge of eating the rest of the rolls in the basket and then jumping onthe table and asking for refills.  Crisis averted!

I got a steak, along with a plain sweet potato, and a house salad.  Everything tasted great, but I tell ya, that salad was just outstanding!!  The veggies were fresh and cold with a bit of egg and cheese.  The blue cheese dressing was homemade and really added to the salad.  I wouldn't mind getting the big version as a meal in itself.

The steak and sweet potato were as good as we remembered.  Of course, there was no dessert.  We enjoyed the meal quite a bit - it was a nice ending to the work week and a nice date night with hubster.

I was quite interested to see the effects, if any, of eating the sweet potato.  However, there didn't appear to be any - at least not on the way home.  When I recorded my intake last night, I noted that my macronutrient ratios were the same as usual (I am going from the company's nutritional information) and my sodium intake was a little less than usual even though my calories were a lot higher than usual.  I had expected the carbs to be higher than they were.

So - I weigh this morning and the scale is up a half-pound.  I'm good with this and not worried about it.  I mean, the calories for yesterday were high.  Some folks may think this is bad, but I don't.  Sometimes, when I have additional carbs, the weight soars because of the glycogen and water.  Remember that 5-pound overnight gain a few weeks ago when I had the ice cream?  I don't think I'll ever forget it.  Now there's a big difference between an ice cream and a sweet potato, but there's still lots of carbs in both.  I won't have them often, but I was pleased to see that I could have a sweet potato once in a while without curtailing my efforts.

One thing I did notice this morning was that I had terrible borborygmous (isn't that a great word??  Look it up!)  when I woke up and I was quite hungry.  I do think that's a direct effect of the additional carbs because I'm never stomach-growling hungry in the morning.

Thankfully, we ate at home every meal today!  Isn't that crazy??? To be happy to eat at home instead of eating out???  It's just much easier all the way around.

We made our usual Costco run today as well.  As we checked out, I noticed that our cart was filled with fresh veggies.  No processed food to be seen.  It made me feel good to see the choices we made and knowing they will all be eaten.  We also watched The Wolf of Wall Street.  It was a good movie and DiCaprio is really maturing into an outstanding actor.

Food today was a little bit of leftover salmon for breakfast, some thick-sliced bacon for lunch, a few nuts, and then chicken and some really great tasting french beans for dinner.  The calorie count for the day is about 400 calories less than usual, but I'm satisfied.

The one thing nagging my brain is exercise.  I've GOT to figure it out.  I don't think it's gonna do jackshit for losing weight, but I do think it will help me look better and perhaps be a little healthier.  Why can't I get my ass in gear????



  1. Great job!

    You gotta find some type of exercise that is at least tolerable. Just think about it! :)

    1. I'm working on it - I constantly think about it. I need to switch from 'thinking' to 'doing'.

  2. Exercise! UGH. Boy , did you hit the nail on the head with that. I HATE it. I even bought myself an Nordic track eliptical for myself. I loved it and then I hated it. I felt I wasn't progressing with it and sadly I was bored on it! I'm not giving it up completly. Good luck with whatever you choose for your daily exercise. Maybe just a walk a few times a week would do you just fine! :)


    1. I have tried to be more active at work and that has helped a little, but it's not enough.

  3. Texas Roadhouse? Your description sounds like it...and yes, it's all good!

    What about seeing if a friend will go walking with you? Even 20 or 30 minutes a few times a week is better than what you're doing now, and it might get you in the habit/mindset of doing it.

    1. You hit the nail on the head!!! So you know what I'm talking about!

      A friend of mine and I are in "talks" now to see what we can come up with since she needs to exercise to. My neighbor has a pool and said that I was free to use it. But he hasn't take the cover off yet.

  4. Eating out has always been detrimental to me. Even when I make the best possible choices my weight always goes up. I think it is more sodium because I know I don't eat that many additional calories. I'm glad you didn't experience that.

  5. Lori - I usually do!! So, I was pretty surprised when my weight gain was in the noise for the day.


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