Thursday, May 1, 2014

Feeling unsettled I am...

...feeling unsettled.  I've felt like this for much of the day and I don't know why.

But first, the scale finally dipped below the zero!  I've touched on the 250's.  Now I have to get to 255 and then to 249.8.

Oh...I also need to get a pedicure!!!  I was a little embarrassed by those toes, but I was more excited about the stupid scale showing less than 260.

Hubster's 53rd birthday is today.  He wanted to go to lunch instead of dinner, so that worked for me.  We went to a little Greek restaurant that we've been to several times.  It was good, but the next time we go there, I think I'm gonna get two orders of saganaki and let that be my whole meal.  I love the kefalograviera cheese.  Hubster and I split the saganaki and then I had a small chicken breast, salad, and spinach for my meal.

Directly after lunch, I could feel my fingers puffing up - the dreaded sodium!!!  I've been throwing back the water, so maybe that will help.

The afternoon was Day 2 of the student presentations - this time at the local community college.  And guess what???  Those damn brownies were there again today - I swear, they're following me around!  But, I passed them up.  It wasn't difficult, but seriously, how much temptation do I have to face at work????  It's becoming comical.

Dinner tonight was just simple salmon and green beans.

For most of the day, I've felt unsettled.  Hubster said it seems like I'm pre-occupied, but I'm not thinking of anything in particular at all - just vague thoughts with no form.  Strange.  I hope the mood or whatever it is has passed by tomorrow.



  1. Yay for moving scales! I set 5 pound goals too. That way, I'm always meeting a goal and feeling successful. Oh, I've had trouble the day after a Greek dinner...I love that salty cheese! I think we have similar taste buds!

    1. I think you're right. We seem to have a variety of similarities!

  2. I think everyone has unsettled days... as long as they don't side rail us we can get through them...
    WTG on your under 260! Rosie

    1. Thanks Rosie! You always give me such encouragement! You're the best!


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