Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy I am... happy that we've gotten to spend the weekend with our daughter.  She's pretty awesome even if I do say so myself.  We'll be sad to see her go back to Texas tomorrow.  It would have been an even more perfect weekend if our son had been here as well.

Currently, we're all watching Ender's Game.  Well - she and hubster are watching the movie.  I'm taking the opportunity to jot a few things down.

When she saw me on Friday evening.  She simply said, "Wow.  Mom looks great!"  She said that it looked to her that I'd lost inches from my sides.  I don't know if that's true, but I'll take it.

It's been good to have her home and to spoil her a little bit.  We've had some really good food - at home and at restaurants, bought some makeup, and had manicures and pedicures.

Coming off the never-ending migraine, I was a little concerned about how I would deal with the food situation.  While I wasn't perfect, I think I handled most things pretty well.  It was interesting, she knows that I'm actively trying to lose weight, so she would preface things with the question, "Can you eat that?"

I explained to her that the only thing I really didn't eat was added sugar and the "white" stuff, that I was trying to figure out how I was going to eat for the rest of my life, and that this is how I'll probably have to eat for the rest of my life.

So having said that and given that we ate out three times this weekend, I'll give myself a B/B- for the weekend eating.

She told me that she wanted to have some chicken pad thai from a local restaurant.  Hubster and I stopped by there Friday night, had dinner, and got takeout for her.  Of course, Asian cuisine can be difficult to maneuver, so I told the woman what I wanted - beef, chicken, or shrimp with some vegetables with no sugar or MSG added.

I believe that's what I got too.  There was a little brown sauce, but it wasn't sweet.  As well, I ordered chicken wings on the appetizer menu in case the food wasn't up to speed.  I must have done alright because the scale was down a hair on Saturday morning.

We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast on Saturday morning.  I got the breakfast sirloin with eggs, bacon, and broccoli.  The waiter thought it was odd to order broccoli for breakfast, but I'm okay with that.  I gave the hash browns, biscuits and gravy, and grits to hubster and my daughter.  Another win!

We spent Saturday afternoon on the patio just talking.  Hubster and daughter were drinking beer and wine, so I made myself a great pitcher of iced tea.  It wasn't a struggle to not drink alcohol, but I was proud of myself anyway.

We decided on sushi for dinner.  This meant I had to come up with a plan for the meal.  I went online and checked out the nutritional information for sushi and related food.  In the past, I'd always gotten nigiri, which is the fish on top of a dollop of sticky rice.

I had 3 unagi, 2 salmon, 2 tuna, and a specialty roll.  Before I went, I estimated that this would be about 1 cup of rice altogether.  I think I'm pretty close here.  Everyone else got miso, but I decided against the miso because of the sodium content.  It might seem silly, but since I was eating more carbs, I didn't want to jack up the sodium as well and have to deal with water weight, etc.  I also had the low sodium soy sauce.

I couldn't decide if this was a win or a lose. Eating outside of my normal range could be considered a lose; however, I made the conscious decision to have a little splurge, the splurge wasn't like a pig up to a trough, but rather something reasonable and measured.  I went, I enjoyed it, it's done.  From that point of view, it's a win.

When I got home and logged everything I'd had, my carb content for the day was 150 g.  This was worrisome, but my sugar content for the day was 21 g, in line with what I usually have sugar-wise.

So - when I got up this morning, the scale was up 1.2 lbs.  I expected it and was thankful that it wasn't like that splurge a few months back.  I compared notes between the two meals.  While the carb and calories are similar, the sodium and sugar content were vastly different.  Who knows?  Perhaps there is a difference between sugar and complex carbs. 

Today, breakfast was bacon and coffee.  In the afternoon, we snacked on some homemade guacamole.  I had pork rinds, while hubster and daughter had crackers.  The pork rinds are a win for the crunch and dip-ability!  Dinner this evening was surf and turf with green beans.  I ate my entire steak - probably about 12 ounces, so I gave some of the shrimp to hubster.  Beans are beans.  I had more protein than usual, so we'll see how it goes.

In the end, my eating this weekend isn't going to help me lose weight - it was more for a maintenance way of eating.  But, I was able to enjoy the weekend and be engaged with the surroundings and the people without fixating on food or feeling deprived.  The weekend is over, I'm back in the saddle - actually, I don't think I was ever out of the saddle.  Yeah me.

My daughter and I took a new picture together.  I'll post it tomorrow.



  1. Sounds like you did great with the bonus eating this weekend. You're in it for the long haul, and one weekend of maintenance eating (with conscious decisions on what you ate - you go, girl!!) is not going to undo you nor throw you off track. Glad you had a good time and such a nice visit with your daughter!

    1. Thank you!! I'm slowly learning how to maneuver all the various scenarios.

  2. You did GREAT! B+ at least, in my book! :)

  3. very nice so far for your weekend! Can't deny the fact that you def. had a maintance! And that is a WIN! WTG for staying on target!!!

    1. It was a maintenance weekend for sure. At 5'10" and 250+, my baseline calorie count is about 2250 calories a day, so I think I'm good.

  4. wow, so impressive ! Not sure I could have held back - Doing it for the long haul is the mentality we need.. not a diet which denotes an end date, but a lifestyle of eating - which is what you demonstrated this weekend... great job - and kudos to your daughter for being conscious of your eating and not trying to undermine it as some family/friends can tend to do .. :)

    1. Sugar - Believe me, I haven't always maneuvered food so successfully. And I am starting to understand that this IS indeed for the long haul.

  5. Isn't it heaven when the kids come home??? The only hard part is seeing them off again. I also LOVE pork rinds!

    1. It is indeed - I'm always happiest when we're together. The house is TOO quiet when they leave!

      I told you - we're twins! ;-)


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