Saturday, May 31, 2014

Since Tuesday??? I am...

...realizing that I haven't written anything since Tuesday?  WTF is up with THAT?!?!?!

It's been a busy week!  Lots going on at work and my neck is giving me fits.  I've been reading and commenting on the blogs I follow, but I just haven't written my own.

There's a lot going on in the coming weeks.  Hubster just left for his trip and I'm getting ready for mine tomorrow.  When I was going through the closet earlier this week, I realized that I really, really do need to buy some new shirts/blouses/tops - whatever they're called.  Are those all just words for the same thing or is there some sort of design difference?'s my mind wandering again.

I have a sweet friend who is always fussing at me about how quickly I put my nightclothes on after I get home.  She sends me emails telling me to get dressed and get in gear.  It's kinda funny - it may be working!

Anyway, this friend is also getting her weight down.  And PROPS to her - she just met a major milestone.  I'm pretty happy for her.  Like me, she fooled herself for a long time but now realizes that there's no choice but to get the weight off for health reasons

So - hubster's gone and my friend and I are going shopping.  We've never clothes shopped before, but I don't think she's one of those folks that will tell you something looks good when, in fact, it looks like shit on you.

The scale said 253.8 this morning, so I'm pleased with that.  I've been on target this week, but the scale seemed a little stubborn.  My graph is normal, so it's probably just me wanting to see it go lower faster!

My friend is here!  I'll post tonight!  Wish me luck on the clothes hunt!



  1. good luck on finding the right shirt/blouse/top :)

  2. Great loss this week! I'm like that too (always getting in my jammies the second I get home!)

  3. Hope you find some kick a tops/shirts/whatever! :)

  4. Oh heck.....I get home and the ONLY reason I don't put on my jammies right away is if I know someone (other than family.....they don't count) is coming over or if I know we are going somewhere!!!!! Soooo....what did you find while out shopping??????

  5. Hope you found something fun! I usually kinda hate shopping but every now and then I get in a weird mood and buy a bunch of stuff--sometimes stuff that is so wrong, wrong, wrong, it never sees the light of day. So probably better that I'm so rarely in the mood!


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