Thursday, June 19, 2014

A few days off I am...

...taking a few days off.

The last few days have been extremely busy at work - big review panel.  The days started early and ended late.

But, it's over and now I get to hang out with my son until he goes back to school.

With the hustle of the week, my food tracking was quite spotty - practically non-existent.  However, I stuck with my basic plan and my weight is slowly recovering.  I'm glad to see that I've been able to eat without tracking and keep my shit together.  I'm hoping this will keep me in good stead when we're in Vienna.

During the review panel, the first day was running really late - to the point that we didn't get to get lunch.  The plan was that the panel would have their lunch delivered and meet with some folks; those being reviewed would be able to leave for an hour and get lunch.  I had planned to eat in the cafeteria where I could get a salad and some protein.  That didn't happen at all and we were stuck in the room all day!  There were a lot of snacks - hardly any of which I could have.  However, there were some Kirkland peanuts - so that's what I had for lunch.  Two ounces of peanuts over a 10 hour period. 

I hated being in that situation - I was hungry and needed to eat, and had little to no choices.  I felt I did good in that situation.  By the time we left for the day, I had a terrible headache from lack of food. On the second day of the panel, I had a container of strawberries and cheese with me!

On another topic, a month or so back, I went to the doctor.  When she took my blood pressure, she noted that it was 117/70 on repeated checks.  She said that I could stop taking the bp meds when I finished the current prescription.

The prescription ran out this weekend.  Since the weekend, I feel that I've been retaining water in my hands and feet - my hands have that full feeling all the time and at the end of the day my ankles are a bit swollen.  They were like that before I started the bp meds, were NOT like that when I took the meds, and have started doing it again since stopping the meds.  Maybe this is normal, I don't know.  But, can I say that I'm actually 3-4 lighter than what the scale says because of the water weight?  Ha!  I wish!

The food chatter seems to have subsided and I'm thankful for that.  I've realized that the food chatter and the sense of unease and inner turmoil it brings to me is part of my issue.  Somehow I don't think I'm alone in that.  Taming it and keeping it under control is the lesson to be learned.  I just wish I could recognize the trigger instead of finding myself in the midst of it.  Something else to learn.

We don't have any plans for the next few days - just hanging out - I'm looking forward to it.



  1. I dont know if i could have gone all day with 2 oz of peanuts... I think I would have snacked on what they had.... you did great !!

    Congrats on the BP meds.. I hope to get off mine soon also, My pills have a diuretic in them so maybe yours did too and thats why you are a bit swollen, the diruretic is gone.. hopefully your body will learn to regulate the water without it...

  2. Enjoy! It's so nice when the kids are home from school!.

    And...bring tons of good snack wherever you go! That must have been torture. I'd have a headache too!

  3. I was in a similar situation on Sunday with the food buffet. You did great and you were smart to bring a snack the next day.

    Oh the food chatter!! Sometimes I am amazed by what pops in to my mind to eat. Foods I haven't eaten in years or foods I really don't care for. I've learned to recognize the thoughts and banish them most of the time. Sometimes I'll even get a little chuckle out of them.

  4. You are a rock star for limiting your food to the peanuts and not diving in on the other foods!!!!!!


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