Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Battles I am...

...thinking about all the battles that have been discussed today.

Day 3 of the class and we spent the afternoon at the Gettysburg battlefield and reviewing the battles and the men behind them.  It was very sobering.

But - I don't really wanna talk about war battles.

For breakfast this morning, there was sausage and eggs along with a crapload of sweet breads - and I'm not talking about animal innards!  Ewwwww anyway.

Since we were going to be doing a lot of walking today, we had a boxed lunch on our way to the battlefields.  All I saw was a whole bunch of boxes, but nothing that was "different", which meant there was nothing for me.  I opened a few of the boxes - sandwiches, chips, cookies, and an orange.  Okay.  No.

The hotel food person walked in right at that time and asked if the boxed lunch was okay.  I told her no, but that it was okay since I'd had a big breakfast.  And I did indeed have a big breakfast because I thought this might happen.  She immediately said, "Oh no - I'll get you something" and away she went!

She came back with a salad - lettuce, cucumbers, and eggs.  Not my first choice, but it met all my needs and she did it really fast because the bus was waiting.  I was grateful that she was so gracious and accommodating.

I sat at the back of the bus - glad it wasn't a short bus.  The woman in front of me commented on my food in a positive way and I got the feeling she'd lost weight.  I asked her if she had and she confirmed that she had.  I was immediately excited, but realized fairly quickly that she wasn't particularly open to talking about it - at least not on the bus.  We talked for a few minutes more and agreed that we'd talk this evening.

I'm pretty excited to talk with her.  In the class, she's very empathetic and vivacious.  Every evening, I've seen her in workout clothes on her way to exercise.  Plus, the ball cap today said "Marine Corps Marathon finisher."

I am indeed intrigued, stoked, AND excited to talk to her.  I hope she feels like she can share.

Anyway - the banquet is tonight.  The only thing I have to turn down is dessert - I think.  If the dinner isn't acceptable - I ordered chicken - I'll go to the pub next door afterwards and get a salad.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Gwen!!! I'm trying to stay on top of it!

  2. you are really rocking this travel thing... keep up the good work ! I hope you have a great conversation - I love hearing (reading) other peoples journey....

    1. I think I am doing a pretty good job of it! Thanks Nancy!

  3. WTG! You are making good choices in the face of easy excuses - you rock!!!!

  4. How did the banquet go??? Thinking of you...

    1. Diva - it was good! Thanks so much for thinking about me and giving me strength across the miles.


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