Sunday, June 8, 2014

Catching up I am...

...Catching up.

It seems things have been non-stop for the last 10 days or so.  But then again, it seems that it's always like that.  I've spent this afternoon doing laundry and catching up on blogs.  I didn't realize how much encouragement and motivation I got from reading other bloggers!

The class ended on Friday and while I really enjoyed the class, I was glad it was over.  I wrote a thank you note and gave a tip to the woman who had taken such good care of me food-wise throughout the course of the week.  I really did appreciate her efforts.

After the class, I hurried home because my son had gotten home on Thursday night.  Like any mother, I've missed him terribly and was really excited to see him.  So - I walk in the door and what does my 21 year old son say?  I can't remember!  I was so excited to give him a big hug that I totally forgot.  Suffice it to say, he noticed and made kind comments.

Weight-wise, it appears to me that my weight has stalled.  This could be due to many reasons:
  • Plateau
  • Didn't track food after Tuesday.
  • Water retention
  • Shit happens
If I look at my graph, it seems my weight has been on a more horizontal track for the last week or so.  Hmmm...Let's see.  What could that be?  Well - I was in a hotel for the last week with limited ability to choose my own food, though I took good care to request what I needed.  

Maybe I'm in a plateau.  It happens periodically when folks are losing weight.  Somehow though I don't think that's the case with me.  Even with this flattening on the graph, I saw a new low last week.

After Tuesday, I didn't track my food at all even though I did stay within my eating parameters - no sugar, no white stuff, veggies above the ground.  Today is the first day I'm back to logging food more closely.  Perhaps I ate more than I thought or lost my awareness of what I was eating.

The other thing is water retention, which is definitely a possibility.  My ankles and hands felt a bit swollen Friday and Saturday morning.  A week of sitting wasn't the best and the car ride didn't help either.  I notice that as I get older, I have to make more stops when travelling.  I didn't do that Friday.

Finally - shit happens.  Maybe nothing is amiss, but the scale is just not moving at the moment.  Perhaps I'm putting too much thought into all this.

Another thought that comes to mind, though it only applies from Friday to now  My son eats similarly to me.  When I got home Friday, he had made some no-sugar pancake thingies for me to try.  I have no idea what he put in them - we've got coconut flour, flaxseed, etc., in the house.  I'd been meaning to use them, but hadn't got around to it yet.  He made some yesterday (too much salt) and some more today that were pretty tasty.  I've been careful to only have a small amount.  That's fine, the problem is that I hadn't really thought about it until just now.

In any event, I felt that I handled last week well and I'm back in my routine.  It's like a sigh of relief to be back among familiar things and my stuff.  Just a side note,  Maggie the Cat was so mad at me when I got home.  She wouldn't come near me for about an hour after I got home on Friday.  Since then, she won't leave my side.  She's such a funny cat.

I'm glad things are kinda back to normal.  With my son home, the house isn't as quiet as it usually is - this is a good thing.  It would be "more good" if my daughter was with us as well.



  1. you did great on your trip, but getting back to your routine is always good... and having loved ones back is even better... keep up the good work and enjoy your boy while he's home !

  2. Patience with the's hard. I find it a constant battle!


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