Monday, June 23, 2014

Howdy!!! I am...

...saying Howdy!!...

Wow - it seems like it's been forever and three days since I've posted!

My son has gone back to Texas and the house is quiet.  The next big thing is the trip to Vienna - we leave on Friday!

So - it's been a struggle for me lately and I'm trying to figure out why.  While I haven't been on point all the time, I didn't fall off the wagon - certainly not enough to justify such a weight gain.  Again, I'm doing my own little debrief.

Why did I gain any weight?  Well, like I said I wasn't totally on point - my carb intake was higher enough to cause some water weight - four water molecules for each glycogen molecule adds up fast!  Secondly, I checked the blood pressure medication I was taking - it had a diuretic in it, so stopping it can add water weight.  I can see it in my ankles - while they aren't swollen, they do seem to be a little "fuller" than when I was taking the bp meds.  Plus, I swear I've been PMSing for the last 10 days!

The biggest - and most dangerous - thing though was the mind slippage.  For the last month, I've either been travelling or have had the kids at home.  Since I started this whole process, I've really only had to consider me - hubster is easy and doesn't tempt me with stuff that would be difficult for me to deal with.

Now - let me preface this with two things.  This is MY fault - my responsibility - and I'm trying to figure it all out.

With all the comings and goings, my attention to detail - my weight loss detail slipped.  Imperceptibly at first.  I think I started to mimic my son's way of eating.  However, he's a 6'6", 220 pound, weight-lifting 21 year old young man and I'm a 5'10", 255 pound, 52 year old old woman who hates to exercise!

Yannow how you want to lose weight, so you figure you'll combine the best of all plans into one and lose 50 lbs in 7 days?  Combine low-carb with Weight Watchers with intermittent fasting - so you end up eating an egg every third day?

Yeah - I didn't do that.

My son doesn't need to lose any weight but wants to lose 10 pounds.  He follows a keto-type, low-carb eating plan with one carb-load or "blow-it" day a week.  Being home, I think he strayed from what he normally does because he's home and we want to spoil him a little bit, so there's a lot of food involved.

At first, things were fine.  Then a little stray here, a little stray there.  Then rather quickly, the little strays came more often.  And honestly - I didn't pick up on it.  And then the amount of food was more than I needed as well.  So too much off-plan eating contributed to this weight gain as well.

Today was the first day totally on point in a while.  All food was within limits - both type-wise, calorie-wise, and amount-wise.  We worked late and I suggested we go out to eat.  Hubster agreed, but then I caught myself and said that I'd prefer to eat at home.  Yeah me.

Of course, we leave on Friday for Vienna.  A lot of folks in my group have spent a lot of time in Vienna, so I've been talking with some of them - seems there's a lot of protein choices, so I'm happy with that.  But someone did tell me that we're going right at the time of the doughnut festival.  I will avoid this festival at all costs and hang out at the museums and such!

Anyway - that's not until this weekend.

Tomorrow is a new day and this seemingly never-ending struggle will continue.  But dammit - I ain't quittin'!!!

Finally, I saw a video on Facebook the other day and I'm just enamored!   This fellow's moves are awesome and I always like music by Parov Stelar - about the only kinda-techno-type music I like.  Anyway - enjoy!  Here's the link:



  1. You recognized....and you are regrouping. That is a victory!

  2. great de briefing - sometimes recognizing it and "talking" it out helps you to process it ... great job !

  3. Recognize and then adjust! Great job!

  4. Good for you for not quitting!!!

    And Vienna sounds wonderful! We'll be stopping just for a day as part of a longer trip this summer, you'll have to tell me what not to miss!

  5. You can do this! AND NEXT time, spoil him with grilled meat and veggies galore! :)

  6. You are in the right place in your head and that makes all the difference in the world! Good job! Keep up the good work!!

  7. You sure aren't quittin'! Enjoy your time away.


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