Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Going to the chapel...

Well...here I am...

...going to the chapel!

I've been quite lax on posting since we got back from Vienna - only posting once.  But it's not because I've fallen off the wagon.  As a matter of fact, it was quite easy to come back home and get back into my food groove.

In thinking about it, I consider it a BIG success.  While I haven't lost any weight weight - I have lost the water weight and am still on track.  And I must say, it's been quite taxing since we got back.

My lack of posting has been to do with getting ready for our upcoming nuptials!!  Or renuptials as the case may be.

Hubster and I have our 30th wedding anniversary on Monday.  On Saturday, we're renewing our vows in Austin, TX with friends and family...

...with ELVIS!!!

We've got the rings, the food, the dresses, the guests, the wedding party...everything.  Some friends of ours have offered their home and it's gonna be a blast!!!

My daughter has done an outstanding job of getting it all lined up and organized.  I think there may be a few surprises in store, but I'm not sure.

Did I say we're having a Hawaiian theme?

Here's a pic of my dress:

I have several dresses, but with all the pulling, posing, changing, and judging - a girlfriend of mine and I decided this was the best, most flattering one.

Along with all the conversation about the renewal ceremony, work has been a BEAR!!!!  Five hours of meetings today, which is typical since I've been back.  How in the hell am I supposed to get any work done if I'm in meetings all the time?!?!?

Finally, we think our oldest dog is ill.  She's an awesome girl, but she's 17.  She's started to lose weight, she has trouble keeping food down sometimes, and she is peeing EVERYWHERE, which is something she's never done before - the carpet cleaner is getting some serious use.  Having said that, she's quite persnickety, so she may be pissed off that we were gone for so long.  We've got someone staying at the house while we're gone, so I'm glad we'll have someone her full time to keep an eye on her.  The other two dogs are just attention whores; the cat just wonders who the hell is in her house - it's not the usual intruders - meaning hubster and me.

In the end, I'm still here - just super busy getting ready for everything.  I hope things get back to normal next week after we get back.



  1. Happy Anniversary and I'm sure you'll be a beautiful bride...again! :)

  2. OOH OH OH OH Happy Anniversary and YAY for renewing vows! Love that you are having Elvis there too. How very appropriate for a Hawaiian theme too! :D Enjoy your vow renewal weekend! I can't wait to see pics!

    Hope work eases up for you soon and so sorry about your doggie. Hope she is on the mend soon.

  3. Wow, first the Vienna trip and now a re-wedding, this is all so awesome! But the work thing indeed sounds harrowing. How cool that you are staying on top of healthy eating and exercise with all that had been going on!

    And was offline and had to play catch-up so just now read the vienna post, and wow, sure sounds like the perfect balance of having a good time but sticking to your goals.

    Loved seeing the picture of you in Vienna, you looked great, and hoping maybe a wedding pic or two might find it's way here? :)

  4. happy anniversary! Sorry about your dog. :(

  5. Have a great time... sounds like a blast !! Love the dress, theme, ELVIS, 30 years !! wow !!

  6. Your vow renewal/party sounds fun! I had a Hawaii Five-0 party for my 50th birthday, so I can appreciate your awesome theme. :)

  7. Sounds so romantic! Congrats on your 30th anniversary! How fun for you guys to renew your vows. Please show us some pics!
    And congrats on staying on track. I say its always nice to have something to stay movitvated about! You'll look great in your dress.
    Rosie :)

  8. Happy anniversary! Hoping to see some pics of the re-nuptials!!!!


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