Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hotel breakfasts I am...

...thinking about hotel breakfasts.

So what I've only got two data points at the moment - I'm good at, I've been in a lot of hotels.

When we were in Vienna, the breakfast was included in the hotel price.  Breakfast was a food highlight of each day for me.  In every hotel I saw, there was smoked salmon, roast beef, proscuitto, all sorts of sausages, cheeses, yogurts (none in a container, but fresh) - all of them were full fat.  If you wanted artificial sweetener, you had to ask for it - it wasn't automatically placed on the table.  There was a variety of breads as well; however, there were very few sweet breads with all the sugary stuff on them.  Finally, there were at least 12 different fresh fruits each day - I believe most of them were organic.  I came to really like mettwurst - a strong German sausage along with some strong brie and blue cheese and a slice of watermelon or a few strawberries.  It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.  In Vienna, we also had the option of ordering fresh omelets - fresh eggs and all.

Another thing was that everyone walked everywhere.  It really was the fastest way to get around.  Take the metro and then walk the rest of the way or hell, just walk the whole way!

I didn't see any larger folks in Vienna.  I may have been the biggest person in the city.

Last weekend in Austin, the breakfast was also included in the hotel room.  However, there were packaged cereals with low-fat milk, fake eggs, turkey sausage, and a crap-ton (hubster makes fun of me when I use that word!) of sweet breads.  The available fruit was banana and apples.  Yogurt was in a container.

Lots of folks in the room were overweight and left the hotel to get in cars to go somewhere.  Us included.  And Austin is a fit city.  Now - I do realize that since it was a hotel the folks were not from Austin.  Even folks in the city were "fuller-figured".

It was so much easier to eat real food in Vienna than it was in Austin.  And while it kinda kicked my ass the first day or two, the walking in Vienna was awesome.  I very quickly adapted to the walking and no shit, by the end of the week, it was no big deal to go back to the hotel at the end of the day and then go back into town on foot - it added a few extra miles each day and I loved it.  In Austin, the only public transportation is by bus or taxi and it's so far spread out that it would be very difficult to go by foot.

No doubt I love both places and could easily live in either without so much as a second thought.  But I think it would be much easier to maintain a healthier lifestyle in Vienna than in Austin or even here in Maryland - basically the US in general.  Perhaps NYC would be different so far as walking goes - not sure about food.

In any event, I'm going to try and emulate/copy/recreate the Vienna breakfast and walking.  I haven't quite figured out how yet - well, with the walking I'll just walk more...duh.  Gotta give the breakfast some thought.

One item to note - I was hungry this morning when I woke up.  I swear I think it's getting rid of the glycogen from all the carbs even though it's now Wednesday.  Does anyone else have that happen when they remove carbs?

Finally, hubster is going back to Vienna in October.  I'm wondering what to do.  ;-)



  1. You are so right about the real food - full fat dairy and a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats - are the most healthy. The food industry has been tweaking our foods in the name of health and making them decidedly UNhealthy.

  2. Good observations! I think you should accompany your husband again in Oct :)

    Here in the North American sub-urbs, they look at me funny when I walk to the grocery store instead of driving. It's only a 15 minute walk away.
    My European relatives are also shocked at the huge portion sizes at restos and of packaged grocery store snacks when they come here.

    Yeah when I first started eliminating processed carbs, I'd be ravenously hungry as in super stomach rumbling hungry in the mornings. But I do think if you aren't hungry at all in the morning, there's something a little off.


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