Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I'm walking

Here I am...

...Yes indeed, I'm walking!

Vienna is awesome!  The city is beautiful and maintained quite well, the metro puts any subway system at home to shame in spades, and the people are very kind and polite.  Pretty amazing and impressive all the way around.

The coffee here is to die for.   People here are serious about their coffee.  As for dining,  I'd venture to say there are as many outdoor places to eat as there are indoor places.

I haven't been in a car since the day we got here.   Walking,  the metro, and the bus are the ways to go.  Saw my first parking garage at Karlsplatz today... didn't seem to fit at all.

Spent the entire day at the Belvedere - a palace that is packed with art - Klimt,  Schiele, Monet, Renoir...the list goes on forever!   I'm going to start feeling cultured once I get past being overwhelmed at the sheer volume of famous paintings.

The food is also pretty awesome.   I've had the weiner schnitzel and Vienna ribs.  I wanted to try the sausage today...and that's what I thought I ordered.  When I received my food,  I basically had two skinny footlong hotdogs.   Oh well.

I have my pedometer with me and I'm logging close to 25000 steps a day.   I'm pretty proud of that.   I don't know when I'll hey the opportunity to come back,  so I want to see as much as possible.  The only problem is that I'm not used to walking that much and my shins are quite sore and I have blisters on both feet.   The band aids help a bunch.

Auf wiedersehen!



  1. I'm glad you are having such a great time!

  2. I often get a lot more steps in while on vacation. I'm glad you are too. Enjoy the treats. The extra steps should help counterbalance the indulgences.

    Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed about your travels.

  3. sounds like you are having a great time - so glad to hear. Take lots of photos cant wait to hear more about it !

  4. I love a walking vacation because it helps take the stress away from eating out so much. I've always found those two things to counteract each other. Have fun!

  5. Sounds like an awesome vacation. 25000 steps a day - that is ridiculous - in a good way :)

  6. Just found you via Gwen, so glad I did! It is always nice to find a blogger my age who also wants to loose weight, our age adds a few more challenges to something that's already not easy. But I am also determined to make it this time.

    Vienna is beautiful, I used to go there lots when I was a flight attendant a couple of decades ago. It's expensive but so many great things to see and many of them on foot. Hope the blisters are healing and that you enjoy the rest of your stay there :)

  7. Well look at you go with all those steps! WoOp WoOP!! Nicely done... I always feel like I lose weight when I'm on vacation because of all the walking! You are going to love your scale when you get home! Can't wait to hear your adventures!!! :)


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