Monday, July 28, 2014

I won the bet I am...

...glad I won the bet with my doctor.

As I said yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment today.  At my previous visit, the doctor was happy that I had lost weight and she made a bet that I wouldn't be able to lose another 10 lbs by this visit.

I won the 1/4 pound!  That's alright though - I still won.  My scale this morning said 253.6 - nekkid.  Her scale said 252.75 - with clothes!

The not-so-good news is that my blood pressure was back up - about 130/100 - enough to go back on the meds.  I'm assuming being back on the meds will bring it back to normal range.

The doctor told me a story of another patient of hers who had lost over 100 lbs doing the Atkins Diet.  Her blood work showed that all her markers were better.  Anecdotal for sure, but there seems to be a lot of positive anecdotal evidence floating around about Atkins-type plans.

I have another visit at the end of October.  I hope that since I won't have all the distractions I've had the last few months, I'll be able to show a bigger loss.  That would be awesome.

The only real challenge of the day, and it wasn't too difficult, was after the appointment.  I was thirsty, so I stopped at the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant.  I was on the phone with hubster and told him how appetizing the menu board looked and then asked him what I should get.  There was only a little pull - but the food really did look good.  Hubster said I should ignore everything but the drink and get something to eat at home.  Anyway - that was it.  Now don't go thinking that I listen to hubster all the time (that would be against the wife code or something), but I only got a drink and did eat lunch at home.

I just finished reading the book, The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz.  She posits that the nutritional information we've been given by the nutrition/scientific establishment for the last 60 or so years has been wrong.  It was an easy read for me since I happen to agree with the majority of what she wrote.  As a scientist, I was quite dismayed at how the scientific method was pushed to the side in order to push forth the agenda of a few egotistical folks.  Disgusting really.

Food was good today.  I didn't eat or take my meds until after the doctor visit, so I ended up with two eating times with a snack time, but that's fine.  One thing I've realized is that the sodium in my Vienna-style meals is gonna add up quickly, so I'm gonna need to watch that carefully and look for some alternatives.  I may just have to move to Vienna!

That's it for the day - I've stayed aware for the last three days of what I'm eating and following my guidelines.  I plan to do it again tomorrow.



  1. So glad that you won the bet!

  2. That is awesome that you won the bet!

    Interesting that your Dr is jumping on the BP so vigilantly--I know mine varies a lot throughout the day, and I always get White Coat readings in the docs office, and mine is more willing to shrug off a high reading. (Though I do monitor at home and bring in concerns if its temporarily running high).

    It's so cool that you and hubby are doing the post-vacation reminders--it's so easy and natural to keep the indulgence pattern going a little after you get back, and at least for me takes a while to reign it in again.

    Yay for getting back on your guidelines and back on track!

  3. Great job on winning the bet and skipping that fast food! Great job!

  4. ...and onward she goes! I have no doubt you're gonna continue to rock it out.

  5. That is awesome - bet your doctor was pretty impressed!

  6. Way to go on winning the bet ... and loosing the pounds! Double Win!!

  7. I think a blood pressure scare is what got me back on track .... errr ummm this is my fourth day .... but last week my blood pressure was up...
    what. the. heck!!!

    no way Jose! back to Weight Watchers!! I am not going down that rabbit hole again!!


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