Sunday, July 27, 2014

Struggling a little bit I am...

...Struggling a little bit.

The vacation's are done, the ceremonies are over, and it's time to get back to business.

I thought I was doing okay until hubster pulled me up a little short on Friday night when he jokingly said that'd we had our last anniversary dinner.  I had thought...on the surface...that I was back on track.  However, when he said that, it jarred me a bit.

We got home on 7/21 and ate out Tuesday through Friday night...and every one of our lunches and a few of our breakfasts were eaten out as well.

This is not a good thing.  Not only is it stupid to eat out so much, it's not conducive to me losing any weight.

Now, I've not gained any weight, but I surely haven't lost any either.  I gave myself some leeway during all the travel and celebrations, which was a reasonable thing to do.  However, the leeway has continued - a little bread here, a little dessert there.

So I've gone back to basics.  High fat, moderate protein, vlow carbs, no sugar.  So far, so good.  I started yesterday and I've had to correct myself a few times - oh how quickly newly formed habits can go by the wayside.

One good thing that will help is that hubster is out of town for a bit.  In many ways, it's easier when he's gone.  We went to Costco yesterday and bought meat and a few veggies.  After he left this morning, I put a bunch o'meat in the crockpot with some mushrooms.  It was very tasty and I'll be able to eat off of it for a few days.

We also bought some lettuce and have some leftover grilled chicken for lunches.  With some cheese and a little bit of dressing, I'll be set for lunches.  As far as breakfast goes, we bought some double cream brie and some really nice blue cheese.  I'll pair that with some of the sopressetta, smoked salmon, or prosciutto for breakfast. One side note, it was very difficult finding these breakfast items without a crapton of sodium, so I'll have to keep an eye on it.  Of course, I always have my standard issue smoothies.

It bothers me a little that I was fooling myself - that I wasn't as on track as I thought.  And I've gotta give hubster props - he's not always been the best (sometimes has been the worst) at providing support, but he did it right - no blame, just a neutral reminder.  It's interesting because he's giving me what I need the way I need it - which is not always easy for partners to do since we're all different people.

He never says, "No, you can't eat this or that', but rather he'll let me go along my own way.  He intervenes by moving whatever it is out of my way.  It's not such a big deal at home since we eat the right way at home.  It's really helpful in restaurants especially the ones with bread baskets!  Since the vacation is done, we'll be foregoing the bread basket altogether from now on.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow - the same doctor I saw a few months ago and we bet on a 10 pound loss.  I posted about it here.  If I remember, there was a 2-3 difference between her scale and my scale.  If there's still the same difference, I have a chance of winning the bet.  Even if I don't win the bet, I'll still weigh less than I did when I was last in her office.



  1. Hugs to you and your hubby! I wandered a bit off track this month too; back at it today!

    1. Gwen - I think it must be in the air. Seems quite a few of us have strayed a little. But luckily, it seems like we all caught ourselves!!

      Good job girl!!

  2. It's been a tough month food wise here too (too many birthdays, eating out) but what's done is done and now time to move on! Good luck at the doctor's tomorrow!

    1. That's right - it's done and we can't do anything about it. Time to move forward - Onward!

  3. Found your Blog today ... I was doing a lot of nodding yes yes yes ... it was like I was reading my own thoughts. I look forward to following your "Journey"

    1. Feet - I'm glad you're here! It's helped me immensely to finally just write - it's done a lot of calm the food chatter. And like you, I've found that I'm not alone.

      Again, welcome!


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