Monday, August 25, 2014

Painful throat I am...

...with a painful throat.

Kinda weird it came on all of a sudden - one hour, I'm fine; the next hour, I can barely swallow.

Stressful day at work, but I took the time to just chill for a few and be thoughtful about the stress and how I was going to deal with it.  Taking that time, even when we don't think we have the time, really does make a difference.  I know it certainly helped me today.

Food was good today.  The only "thing" was that we came home early to have the countertops measured, but after that I had to go back to work to take care of an issue that had been boiling underneath the surface for a few days.

I cut a piece of triple cream brie (love it!) and one thin slice each of proscuitto, salame, and sopressetta and headed back to work.  It was unplanned and on the fly, but I was hungry and didn't know when I'd get back home.

Other than that, I was spot on.  I don't think what I did was bad at all, it's just the unplanned and on the fly part I don't like.  It makes me a little wary since those are the sort of times that can put a chink in the armor.

Drank a lot today, so that's a good thing  Exercise was minimal, but it's gonna be like that for a bit, but I do try to get up and just move.  The walk from the parking lot to one of my offices is 1/4 mile, so that's a little something.

Those 18s were awesome!  I saw my reflection in a mirror and my legs do look decidely thinner and longer.  Being in a new size today was an excellent motivator.

The countertop fellow recommended granite, but I had really only considered granite; now I need to a little more research.  I don't like the idea of having to seal the granite on a regular basis to protect from stains, but I guess it's not such a big deal with the darker colors.

And now I'm off to bed.  Gotta get the sleep in as well.



  1. I've had dark granite counters that we inherited 11 years ago. We've never sealed them, and nary a stain.

  2. Yikes hope you feel better soon! Great job with food!

  3. Learning to eat well on the fly and unplanned is a required part of getting to and staying at goal weight. Life happens and it isn't always planned. Be glad that you made a good choice under the stress of the situation.
    PS hope the sore throat goes away soon

  4. Get well soon, it is going around here too.

  5. I have dark grante that I inherited when I moved into my house... I had no idea you were suppose to seal them!! I've never had an issue. As for the in the fly meal... You did well! You didn't run to a take out window!


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