Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Whining I am...


It's been a long, busy week.  On Wednesdays, I'm usually looking forward to getting to the weekend, but I've got day long meetings tomorrow and Friday.  Yuck!

I'm also working on a migraine.  I think the worrying about having a migraine makes the migraine worse.

The thing about the migraine is that I do believe it's hormone-related.  Yannow how you hear about PMS?  Well for me, the "P" is "post" and not "pre".  I've always been a little bit backwards - this is just further proof.  I'm ready for all this to be O.V.E.R.

Plus, my lower back is giving me a fit.  I think part of that is that my ass has been planted in a chair this week.  Usually I'm up and about around work, but not this week.  I wore a pain patch today - on my neck and my lower back.  They really do help, but it's weird to have the topical numbness.

Someone got our debit card number even though we have the card in our possession.  Fortunately, the bank caught it almost immediately.  I don't know what their algorithm is, but I'm mightily impressed.

My daughter got in a wreck yesterday.  Luckily, she wasn't hurt and it wasn't her fault.  Even more fortuitous was the fact that the person who hit her is the general manager of a car dealership.  She said they treated her like royalty.

I've refrained from commenting on Robin Williams and I'll keep my comments minimal now.  Can we let the man rest in peace?  There are plenty of details we do not need to know.  We know what the lesson is - let's take it and use it to help others.  Period.

Food-wise, it's been a good day.  Did a repeat of breakfast this morning and forgot!  But had kiolbassa again.  Lunch was leftover grilled chicken and some asparagus - my step-mother calls them 'spaggars' - I get a little kick out of that.  We didn't leave work until almost 7 pm, so we ate out - a little Peruvian restaurant.  I kept it really simple - rotisserie chicken and green beans.  I was surprised to find that the beans were fresh.  It was a good meal.

Funny thing is the last two days I wore shirts that I passed by in my closet because I knew they wouldn't fit.  But...they did, so that's a big YEAH ME.  In particular, the shirt I wore today is like a long button-down.  It fits better now than when I bought it.  I can also remember a time when I couldn't button the buttons at all particularly around the hips.  And now, there's room.  So yeah, I kept a cool image in my head about it all day.



  1. so sorry about the debit card and your daughter's accident! (and the migraine. geesh. that's a lot!)

  2. Yikes so sorry about all of this! Hopefully this week will turn around for you guys. Great job with the clothes though!

  3. New to your blog! Sounds like a heck of a week. Glad your daughter is ok

  4. I love it when I can wear clothes that were once too small. I feel so thin!

  5. Way to go on the old/new shirts ... always fun!!! Hope the migraine ends soon ... Glad your daughter wasn't hurt!

  6. Thank God your girl is fine. It`s so hard when they live away from home. Happy about your shirts`s the best. In Canada, sometimes employees of establishments where you`ve used your debit card can get hold of your number and PIN. Glad the bank caught it!

  7. What a sucky day. But thank God no one was hurt...and that is what matters. Migraines just SUCK . PERIOD. Nothing more to say about that.
    Don't cha just love, love , love finding a shirt/pant that fits after it didn't? Its like freakin' Christmas morning! Ha... GREAT job!
    Had 3 cards compromised.. nothing like a pain in the ass... but these banks are right on top of their crap...and that my friend is a good thing!
    Almost the weekend....onto that.!

  8. Yikes.....a rough week! I hope it got better!!!


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