Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dodging food bullets I am...

...Dodging food bullets...and succeeding!

It's been another long week.  I've done a good job of staying on top of IT.  However, we've still been eating out - 3 times so far.

Tuesday night was a business dinner, so I couldn't help that.  I had an entree salad and it was fine.  It's kinda funny - I often hear folks say that they have a drink because others are drinking, particularly if it is business-related.  I can honestly say I never feel like I have to drink because others are; nor do I feel that I have to make an excuse for not drinking.  I just don't drink a lot at all.  Actually, I don't think I've had any alcohol since we were in Vienna - it's just not a thing for me.

Last night was another late night at work and the car kinda steered us to the Peruvian place.  It's good, simple, and fast and we wouldn't have to clean up the kitchen for the granite installation today.  But, it was actually pretty enlightening for me and my need - my want - to eat a lot.  I usually get the half chicken with green beans and spinach.  While it's all good-for-you kind of food, it's too much food.  But the server told me that the rainbow trout was good and that I should try it.

My VERY first thought was that a single trout wasn't enough food.  Certainly, I'd need at least two trout to eat to make sure I had enough to eat - that I was adequately nourished!  Surely, one trout wasn't enough for a meal!  Seriously, how full of shit am I???

THEN I caught myself and realized what I was thinking.  Then it became a little internal struggle to make my decision.  I mean, I wanted the fish - I like fish; but I'd get more food if I got the chicken.  I actually argued with myself.  Then I realized that I was just being stupid, plain and simple.  I wanted the fish, I didn't need all that chicken - I'd probably bring it home anyway - so I got the fish.  And it was good!

And guess what???  I was full,  I didn't get hungry before I went to bed, and I didn't feel like I was missing out (I don't know what I was going to be missing, but that was the feeling).  None of things I told myself would happen happened.  I was a little proud of myself and patted myself on the back.

We went out for dinner tonight because we don't have water or a working cooktop because the countertops were installed today.  Hubster wanted a beer so we went to a particular restaurant in Frederick he likes.  We ordered an avocado eggroll appetizer.  It came with five pieces.  I had two, but told hubster to eat the third one - and I was good with it.  I didn't feel hoggish about not having the last piece.  It's so weird to me that I have ever felt like that, but I have and recently to boot!

For dinner, I had a bunless hamburger with a tomato and mozzarella salad.  I ordered the burger without one sauce, but wouldn't you know it, there was yet a second sauce.  I had them re-cook my meal - I didn't want ANY sauce at all.  I feel that since I told the server I didn't want sauce, she should have confirmed the second sauce - particularly since it's not even listed on the menu.

Then I ordered a diet soda - I usually order unsweetened tea or water.  She brought it and it tasted like Dr. Pepper, which I don't like.  Hubster confirmed.  Told the server and she brought another drink.  Again, it tasted like Dr. Pepper.  Finally, I gave up and told her to just bring unsweetened tea!  I was not meant to have a diet soda tonight!

Breakfasts and lunches have been good - originating from home.  It is easy and less stressful to eat from home and I think I have more success without having to worry and fret over the food choices since we don't keep crap in the house.

There's still a lot of work to do for the end of the fiscal year at work and even though there are a lot of long days left, the end is in sight.  Thank goodness for that.

That's it on the food front.  We got the new countertops today and I love them!

Here's a before/after of my kitchen:

And here's a close up:

Hubster and I are both pleased with it.  We'll replace the appliances at some point, but for now they're in good working order and I'm not quite willing to spend money to coordinate the "look" any further.  The granite is called New Venetian Gold Dark.  It seemed like it took forever to settle on the granite and I fretted to no end about it.  But I really disliked the old countertops, we got a good deal on the granite and installation, and both agreed it was time.  So there you go!

I hope everyone is having a fantabulous week!



  1. Good to see you doing so much better! Your counter tops are lovely. Take care and keep on keeping on with your program you are doing it.

  2. Wow the kitchen looks great! I love the color of that granite!

    Wonderful job with the food choices!

  3. Loving the Countertop! Glad you have had a good week, Keep at it!

  4. I want to comment on so many awesome things you said! LOVED everything you talked about!

    One thing I'll comment on is how cool it is that you don't feel social pressure to drink!! That's a HUGE hang up for so many people--feeling forced to eat what other's are eating, even if they don't want it.

    That's awesome! Thanks for sharing so many great things!

  5. Yay, back on track and gorgeous countertops too!

  6. Your kitchen is look fab! We have a kitchen remodel in our future (including new sub floor), so I know it's gonna involve many dinners our. Uh oh!

  7. LOVE the granite!

    And wow, all kinds of temptations and challenges and it's so cool you dodged so many bullets! (I love trout, but also fret that there won't be "enough!" Glad you were satisfied because sometimes I overcompensate and end up eating dessert when I have trout at a restaurant because I feel deprived!


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