Monday, September 22, 2014

Food stuff I am...

...thinking about food stuff - some of it's funny, some of it's enlightening, but all of it's a lesson.

I've written before about my elder friendly friend, Big T, before.  He's 86 years old and until his stroke 2.5 years ago, he was quite active and lived on his own.  As a result of the stroke, he has severe aphasia and lives in assisted living.  In any event, I usually spend one day of the weekend with him since he only has a nephew that lives in the area and he does like to get out.

We usually go out to dinner when he's with us.  Invariably, he wants to go to a kabob place that he frequented prior to the stroke.  When we were there on Saturday evening, I ordered a chicken kabob and sauteed spinach along with an order of dolmeh to share with hubster.  Big T has ordered the same thing for the last 20 years - and has never varied - chicken kabob with salad with the rice to go.  He never eats the rice, but insists on getting it.

As an aside, my friend just now noticed that I've lost weight.  He indicates that I've lost too much weight and that I shouldn't lose any more.  AT ALL.  THAT'S IT!  (His words).

Anyway, Big T doesn't eat the dolmeh - never has.  On Saturday night, he was insisting that we order more dolmeh, but neither hubster nor I wanted anymore.  But he wouldn't let it go!  Finally, knowing that he had never eaten the dolmeh before, I told him that we would order more if he would eat one.  He said he would eat one after I ordered, but I told him that he had to eat one before I ordered more.  Do you know what he did???

He ate the damn dolmeh!  Both hubster and I about fell out of our chair!  He has never varied his food - not even by a bite - ever before.  Needless to say, I had to order more dolmeh...and hubster had to eat it all!  Big T is a stubborn fellow!

On to a more serious note...

Sunday morning, hubster got up and made coffee while I slept in.  Once I smelled the bacon cooking, I got up.  I mean - it's bacon!  Isn't that enough to get anyone out of bed?  When I got downstairs, I got a cup of coffee and waited for the bacon to finish - we cook the bacon on a broiler pan in the oven, so it takes about 30 minutes.  When hubster took the bacon out of the oven, I saw that he had only cooked 8 pieces.

Eight pieces????  For both of us??!?!?  Can't be!!  I usually have 8 pieces of bacon myself - so this clearly isn't enough even if it is the thick-sliced stuff!

Then I had the realization - oh yeah, I'm a volume food eater.  This is a problem I'm trying to address.  Hubster cooked what he considered to be an adequate amount of food for the both of us.  I had a little talk with myself that if I really wanted more after 4 slices of bacon, I'd get more.  And yannow what???  I was fine and didn't need anything else.  Gotta admit - the fact that I would have had to cook it played in to it a little bit.

Today was another super busy day.  However, we had leftovers at home so that's what we had.  Again, it was interesting.  Hubster and I had to split the steak leftovers - it was probably a 12 or 13 oz steak, so I had 6 or so ounces - plenty to eat, but I wanted the whole damn thing because it tasted good - hubster grills a badass steak lemme tell you!  I had to stop and tell myself to quit being such a greedy bitch about the food.  And again, it was plenty.

Food-wise, it was a successful food day all because we had plenty of leftovers.  Smoothie for lunch and then leftovers for both lunch and dinner.  The thing I notice too is that I'm satiated today.  The choices were good and nutritious and the angst of having to make a food decision from a big menu is absent.  It really does lessen the chatter.

Let's hope that in the long run, it lessens my ass!



  1. Your doing a good job on relearning how much/how little food you really need to be satisfied. To me four pieces of bacon seems like a lot:) I would only have two. I still weigh and measure my food so it takes the "visual" effect out of it. Maintence is very similar to weight loss you just get to eat a tiny bit more and I mean tiny like maybe 200 calories which is just two pieces of gluten free bread...I didn't mean to go on so your doing great!

  2. Wow great job on the bacon! That's tough but you're so right. If we stop when we know we should we would find that we are actually fulfilled!

  3. See, now I have never eaten more than 4 slices of bacon at once, and the rare time I eat it now (it's more expensive per pound that steak!)'s 2, maybe 3 strips. But GOOD JOB!

  4. Wow ... four pieces of bacon? I would have felt deprived! That is seasoning LOL ... I'm def. a volume eater too ... that is why I cook a lot of stir fry's ... I slice the steak or chicken up small so it appears to be a lot and then fill the pan with veggies ... delusional I know but hey we each have our own tricks ...

  5. I think it's SO important to know and understand why we are overweight. There are so many obese people who swear they don't overeat, don't junk food etc. and truly don't know why they are overweight. I am so, so, so grateful that I know why I am overweight. I eat too much. I actually didn't eat a lot of junk, although there was some of that, but I volume ate good food. Knowing the problem, admitting the problem makes the problem solvable! We've got this Mama!


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