Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hubster's coming home I am...

...happy that hubster's coming home.  He's been to see his parents for the last week and I've had some good alone time.

It's been a quiet week - just going to work and coming home for the most part.  I'm good with monotony that way - it gives me good regrouping time.

Went to dinner with a friend of mine for a belated birthday dinner last night - (waves at H!!!).  It was really a lot of fun.  They gave me a free dessert - ice cream - it held no thrill, though I had a few bites. That few bites of ice cream was the only "excursion" since my actual birthday.

I've been diligently tracking this week and I may have discovered the reason for my stalled weight loss.

And it's a BIG problem.

I eat too damn much food!  I eat the right food, but I eat too much of it.  A keto way of eating works well for me because it's not really too difficult for me to give up the carbs.  The problem comes in from the protein.  I'm a huge carnivore and I can eat a huge ribeye or porterhouse without a problem.  Add a salad and a few veggies, the calories add up fast.

But the problem is not the calories.  The problem is that I'm eating too much and while I'm not feeling stuffed or anything, it's still too much.

I'm going to try and keep my protein intake at about 30-40 grams per meal.  Supposedly, a minimum of 30 grams at mealtime will help you maintain muscle mass. 

My calorie intake has averaged around 2200 per day.  While I don't count calories per se, 2200 calories is too many on a daily, rolling average basis if I want to continue my downward trend.  Perhaps continue is the wrong word - 'restart' is more appropriate.

No lie - I think this is gonna be difficult for me.  There were some discussions a while back about trigger foods.  I still don't think I have trigger foods - I just like to eat food whether it's a steak, a bowl of pasta, or a pile of beans.  If it tastes good, I'm in. 

Eight months into this, I thought I would be further along.  I've gotta figure out a way to make this work.



  1. I am the same way I just plain and simple like food. I can overeat with bananas, pasta, grapes, just as well as cake. I just like food!

    You have it figured you can do it!!!!

    1. MaryFran - You and I are facing the same issues, but we'll muddle through them!

  2. When I originally started losing weight at 345 pounds a few years ago, I worked with a dietician and I ate around 1900 calories a day. I exercised 3 times a week. There came a point when I had to both up exercise and lower calories to see more weight loss. Portion control is tough for me. And it could takes weeks and weeks of fairly perfectish calorie control to see the scale budge. So I think you are on to something. Good luck

    1. Thanks Geek - I'm trying to be diligent and stay on top of things. I'm afraid of misplaced justifications, so I'm glad you posted! You're totally right, portion control is tough!

  3. Lol... I'm laughing because I find the same thing. I really tried to lose weight on my own eating healthy food and salads everyday, but still the weight wasn't coming off. I started WW again and I'm now tracking and the weight is finally coming off. I need something (like a computer saying your out of points for the day) to tell me when to stop eating. If not, I eat way to much even when it's healthy.

  4. I find that 6 oz. of meat is plenty. Then you can fill up on the salads and steamed or grilled or raw veggies to your little heart's content. :)

  5. Thanks for your comment! I'm back to the land of the living,home from the hospital today! I think you need to add more healthy fat - coconut oil, avocado, pat of butter because it fills you up with your protein and veggies. If you're feeling full, you're not going to keep eating the hunk of steak.

  6. I love not having to count calories when I do low carb, and it gets me in to the same trouble as you. I can eat a whole steak without batting an eye. I have a dream of sitting down with a chuck roast and eating as much as I possibly can. My husband jokes about not getting between me and a piece of meat!!

    Good luck to you getting the calories under control. One trick that works for me is telling myself I can have the rest later, just as soon as I am hungry again and it will taste better then too.

  7. OMG, I think you stumbled across my problem too. I eat too much. Love this post. Now that you see the problem, you can make changes to correct it. Cheering you on.


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