Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just getting home I am...'s 9:30 pm and we just got home from work.  The rest of the fiscal year is gonna be tough.

I could probably get my ass in gear and prepare food ahead of time or something, but it seems like everything else is taking precedence.

After work tonight, we went to a Peruvian place on the way home.  I ordered the half-chicken, green beans, and black beans with white rice.  Once we received our order, I thought about how I eat too much and realized at the same time that I wasn't starving.

I ate the wing, leg, and thigh, about half of the green beans, and a few bites of the black beans/rice.  Hubster has a very nice lunch for tomorrow since he'll have the leftover breast and remaining veggies.  I have a lunch appointment, so I'll be eating spinach and chicken.

About dinner though - normally, I would have eaten all of it.  And to be totally honest, I initially thought of ordering the quarter chicken, but ordered the half chicken anyway.  Habitual decision, but not a good one.  I think I saved the situation by only eating what I needed to be sated and eat too much.

My idea of what I need is clearly out of whack.  But I got the upperhand this time.



  1. Good for you for eating mindfully... That's huge!!

  2. Good for you for doing the right thing in the end. It will become second nature soon enough.

  3. My mind is totally messed up in terms to what I need versus what I order also. I'm TRYING to figure it out. Slow process. :-)

    Kudos to you for eating what you needed and not what you ordered!!!

    I have to figure out what I'm doing in terms of eating after work's a struggle to cook some nights. ha ha ha

  4. I think that's great success. Eating until "almost full" I call it. Eating until I'm satisfied and not eating until I'm totally full or eating until I've eat what I think my portion is. There's a lot to be said for being in tune with your body that way.


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