Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Catching up

Well...here I am...

...Catching up.

My mother fussed at me this morning for not blogging and we all know - we don't want mama fussing at you!

Hubster's out of town again.  Funny thing - I've been doing much better when he's not here than I do when he's here.  I'm not quite sure what I think about that and even what to make of it.

When he's gone - I rarely, if ever, eat out.  I made the Costco run and have been eating at home every night since he's been gone.

I think part of the answer is that when he's gone, there's more I have to do at home since there's no on to split the chores.  But then again, it's just us so there aren't a lot of chores.  Perhaps when he's home, we work later and are just too tired to think about preparing dinner after a long day.  And we have had some long days the last few months.

In the beginning, hubster was really on it with me.  Perhaps he's gotten tired of this new way of eating??  I don't know that's fair to say though - he's been pretty supportive and it's not like he forces me to go out to eat.

I don't know what the deal is, but in the end, it's not up to him, it's up to me.  I need to have the same resolve all the time - not just when he's out of town.  Kinda interesting - it used to be that when he went out of town, I never ate at home!

I paid a short visit to the 240s, but then....we had a big dinner out!  Clearly eating out is my issue!  I'm struggling, but I will get there.

One huge thing though - and I do think it's a "thing" - is my clothes.  They are decidedly more loose, less tight than they were before.  I'm talking about the 18s too!  My body is changing shape or something.  A new shirt that I bought before we went to Idaho has more room across the boobal area and it's not a new bra doing it either. 

There's a crap ton of candy around the office - all the offices.  Truly, it doesn't much bother me, but every time I see the little Snickers, these fatlittlefingers wanna take one.  I haven't, so yeah me!  The little boy scouts came around yesterday selling their pop corn.  I bought some and it will be delivered when my son is home, so he'll devour it in pretty short order.

Nothing much going on here - just doing the best I can!



  1. Even a short visit gives me hope for the next decade to come! You are seeing progress and you know the 240's are possible! I'd love to be able to eat out as much as you do! It is more expensive to eat out in Canada - at least $120.00 a meal for our family of three. We only eat out once a month at a real restaurant.

  2. Good on you for not eating the candy, and for doing some inner reflection.

  3. I'm really glad your doing OK. I wonder when you don't blog for a while. Going forward maybe eating out should be for "special" occasions and not the norm when hubster is home. Good job on staying out of the candy its not new food you know what it taste like there fore you don't need to "try" it.:) I practice what I preach by the way I hardly ever eat out and so far I haven't had any treats since June and I don't plan to start now that it is HallThankXmas season. Its one long food fest for 6 months out of every year it seems. Take care.

  4. Eating out has always been a huge problem for me, too.

  5. Great blog, thanks for letting me know about it. Great job so far!

    Joyce in Health Unit

  6. I get what you are saying about not staying as on track when hubster is home ... with my hubby we tend to wait for each other to take the lead which is how we end up straying down the wrong path ... you know that what do you want ... what do you want... until going out is just easier.

  7. I also do much better when I'm on my own. I think a good part of that is because of my husband. Not because of him....but because of his presence. I am a social eater. So I may not be hungry but if he eats guess what I do????? :-). You can figure this out! We both can!!!


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