Friday, October 31, 2014

Hubster's home/Work Party I am...

...Hubster's home...for a few days!

He got home yesterday and guess what we did?  Yup - we went out to eat!

He wanted to go to an Italian restaurant, but that's just too much to deal with so I suggested a different restaurant.  So - on the way, we changed our minds yet again and went to a different place altogether.

I ordered iced tea and he got a beer.  We ordered a chicken wing appetizer - half breadless, so that was good.  Hubster ordered a honking big-ass hamburger, while I order naked baby back ribs and a side salad.  I told them I didn't want any sauce AT ALL and to leave all the sides - just make sure the salad was good.

The food comes out - hubster's is on the money, but my ribs have a bunch of sauce and are sitting on a pile of french fries.  I sent all of it back and reiterated my request for no sauce and a side salad.

I got my salad fairly quickly, but the ribs took a while.  By the time I got the ribs, hubster was done with his burger, so I ate about half of the ribs - the small end of the rack.  Perfect?  No.  But it'll do.

Tonight - it was chicken breast and green home!  I'm going to try and eat at home for the next week.  Clearly eating out is a weak point for me.  Even when I make good decisions eating out, it's not something I need to do on a near-daily basis!

Interesting thing happened today - irritated me a bit, but I didn't let it show.

A little back story first.  One of the fellows in my group has a history of gaining/losing weight.  I'm guessing he was up to about 350 lbs and wasn't looking very healthy.  On Wednesday, I walked into his office to talk to his office mate and I noticed that he'd lost some weight.  He said he was down 20 lbs and made a big deal of it, rightly so.  He said he'd basically given up sugar and was watching what he was eating.  His diet still consists of a lot of frozen, packaged food but he's making an effort.

His office mate commented that I had lost a lot of weight, which I appreciated  We chatted for a few minutes and that was it.  I went away happy that he was losing weight because he truly wasn't looking healthy or well.  I was also happy that someone had commented on my weight loss.  Actually - I got two comments on my weight loss on Wednesday.

So - my secretary's last day was today and we had a going away party for her at lunch.  Two women in the group are basically the event planners, so they had 8 large pizzas from a chain, bagged salad from the grocery store, and a bunch of desserts that different folks brought.

The get together was at 11:30 and I had plans with hubster at 12:30, but I felt that I needed to go.  Well clearly, I'm not gonna eat pizza and I'm not gonna eat the dessert.

I sat down with a bottle of water and folks wouldn't stop commenting - they were being nice, but it was a little much, so I got some salad and some diet soda.  I noticed that the fellow I'd talked with on Wednesday had at least two, possibly more, slices of pizza, along with a cupcake with a crap ton of icing.

I didn't think about it and I wouldn't have said anything about it - I *KNOW* how difficult those situations can be.

So what does that asswipe do???

He comes up to ME and asks, "So - is that soda you're drinking?"  Like I was breaking some law and going against what I had said earlier.  I was actually surprised he said anything to me at all.  I mean, seriously???  I have diet soda and a salad - you're the one eating all the trash!  What would possess him to say anything to me???

So I said, "This is Diet Coke.  What did you have?"  My INSIDE voice said, "Fuck you asshole."  Of course, I couldn't say that to a direct report.  He went on to talk about how his pizza and sweets were all okay and justified.  Okay - your plan, so good for you.  I was DONE with the conversation in very short order.

Yannow - the thing about it is I know how difficult this road is - I'M ON THE ROAD - RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE!  I try my best to not judge anyone when they screw up - none of us are perfect, I'm surely not perfect - that's clearly evident.  I think we try to do the best we can - it's just that our best is better at some times than at other times!  I've had a difficult time lately and I've appreciated the camraderie, the support, the nudges to hold me accountable that I've gotten from people.  No problem with any of that at all.

I did have a problem with the way he approached me, like it was a dare or he had *caught* me.  I thought it was totally wrong, but it is the way that lots of people approach such things.  Some folks think this sort of approach is a way to show support - I think such folks are full of shit.

Anyway - here's the dessert layout for today:

For the sake of full disclosure, I did have one of the cookies in the green container.  While we were all sitting around the table, we talked about all the desserts.  The fellow who made the cookies just started working at the lab; in a previous life, he was a culinary school graduate and a big ol' dessert maker.  When looking at the desserts, I remembered Susan's recent comment - something like, " know what it tastes like, so you don't need to try it."  It helped.

Pumpkin cupcakes, any cupcakes really, from a grocery store hold no appeal for me.  Now I'm a brownie lover and I would have liked the brownie.  But again, they're from the grocery store and "...I know what it tastes like, so I don't need to try it."  YES!  That other thing at the top - well hell, I didn't know what it was and furthermore, I didn't want to know what it was.  It looked water-logged and soggy.  However, the cookies were made from scratch by a chef that I know who cooks by mass and not volume - I didn't know what it tasted like.

I had a cookie.  And it was enough.  It was good, but I tell ya, the sugar taste is just not what it used to be.

Anyway - those are the warts for today!



  1. You did very well at the restaurant I think. Progress not perfection.
    I also think you navigated the little office party well too. Its never cool to make comments about what other people are eating/drinking your colleague should of kept his mouth shut!
    I'm glad my little saying about knowing what something tastes like helped you when you needed it.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. I'm feeling a bit more settled. Thanks for being here Susan! I love your comments.

  2. You know you did awesome at the restaurant ... Sending it back... it is so easy to just say to hell with it and eat it ... but hey you sent it back!!! Good for you! And just one cookie? Hey that is something ... your resolve is showing! I call that success! That jerk who made the comment is not worth your time... don't get it another thought because lady this week you had a couple of GREAT successes ... and they will pay off!

    1. I tell ya - that comment Susan made really struck a chord. Made it easier to navigate for me.

  3. Now I want a cookie... sigh. Great post!

    1. So long as you don't know what that cookie already tastes like! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Now, no offense, Susan's 'you know what it tastes like' might work for you, but it wouldn't work for me. Why? Because it's STILL giving permission to taste basically anything you haven't had before, even if you know it's 'evil.' You want to eat it because you want to eat it? Fine, go for it. But to mask it being okay because you haven't had it before? Yeah, no. Sorry, that's just my opinion.

    Re that comment from him? I rarely have people make stupid comments to me like that, but if I did, I wouldn't said one of two things:

    1. "REALLY!?!" (with a 'you jack ass, you' look attached to it. or, if feeling a little stronger....
    2. 'Seriously?!' (with the same 'you jack ass, you' look attached.)

    and then either way, turn and walk away. Point made. But almost point made you won't take comments like that. And you shouldn't have to.

    1. Susan's comment TOTALLY worked for me! I guess I don't see food in terms of 'evil'. While I will probably avoid sugar for the rest of my life, I don't know that I will want to never eat a cookie again. Her comment made it easier to make a decision and removed the chatter.

      To each his own.


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